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Itchy prelude to acne - new species for me, what is this?

09 October 2010 - 12:09 AM


I've had different types of acne - basic whitehead, deep cyst, pustule.

Recently have been treated to something slightly different:

- Itches before arriving! (This is the weirdest part for me)
- Occurs on lower half of cheek
- Looks like a pustule, but is wide, full, yet flat, and deep. Not possible to squeeze, even months after it emerges
- Looks greyish under the skin

My reading has suggested this is some kind of hormonal acne. It first showed up last May, when I tried to quit smoking using nicotine patches and gum*. I was also under tremendous stress from work and daily arguing with my ex.

The hormonal acne I was used to having was the kind that's *sore*, quite deep, red, no head (cystic).

Could this have been instigated by some different kind of bacteria, in combination with stress triggers?

*please don't quibble with this, was advised by my doc and works

Differin or Cleanance K in summer?

15 April 2010 - 03:56 PM


I've been prescribed Differin + oral erythromycin, but am not sure I want to spend the summer hiding under a hat and spf 50*. *Some* vitamin D on the face is a good thing.

Should I save the Differin for the autumn, and use Avene Cleanance K for now? Have already got both.

Or have people been able to enjoy their summers using Differin? (Have bought an spf 20 formulation from Avene.)

(*GP didn't give me time to think about that aspect as he spent more time trying to avoid referring me to a derm to administer cortisone shots on a few cysts, which most GPs and even specialist derms don't do here in the UK. Reason: my NHS trust is penalised for each referral to a specialist.)

Thanks in advance!
Skin type: Moderate (a bit of everything; hormonal flare ups)

Edit to add: GP wanted me on 6 months of antibiotics. Had to fight to just get 2 weeks!