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In Topic: Itchy prelude to acne - new species for me, what is this?

15 October 2010 - 01:01 AM

Yer, thanks for raising the concern...

I'm pretty sure it's some kind of acne, but it's new, it's weird - as soon as I get coverage I'll check it out.

In Topic: Are Antibiotics MORE Successful AFTER Accutane/Differin?

18 April 2010 - 03:34 AM

QUOTE (spillett @ Apr 15 2010, 04:36 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
I was on Accutane for abour 4 months a few years back, it improved my skin lots but I still suffered from outbreaks and small pimples occasionally.

I went back to my Derm over a yeara go and started using Differin.

Again, my skin is not as bad as it once was but I still suffer with whiteheads and small outbreaks.

Prior to going on Accutane I had been on antibiotics for (believe it or not) almost ten years to try and combat my bad skin.

Question is - are antibiotics more likely to have better results after being on Accutane/Differin?

Has anyone had any experience of this?

Hi, I can't speak from experience, but will pass on what I know (having been prescribed Differin + an oral antibiotic, I read a bit on it - no expert though!)

Seems antibiotics - either oral or topical - are prescribed alongside Differin to kill off the bacteria that 'flourishes' with the desquamation process initiated by the faux retinoid. This is meant to minimise breakouts.

But it sounds like your derm just put you on antibiotics alone. *Personally* I think that's no solution - you can't stay on them forever! You get immune to it, and long term use decreases its effectiveness for non-cosmetic problems you might have in the future (e.g., staph infections, bronchitis, who knows), and it just isn't good for your liver. Acne is something we're constitutionally prone to because of our pore structures/hormone ecologies - it's not like an 'external' disease that is visited upon you. Just my opinion though.

If it's just 'whiteheads and small outbreaks', would you consider a less invasive approach? BP, I've read, has no toxic effects and does the same kind of killing job. Have read that salicylic acid increases its penetration into the pore. (Paula Begoun outlines acne formation and potential solutions here: