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Just Tried A Comedone Extractor For The First Time And Holy Crap Can't Believe Peop...

28 August 2012 - 09:53 AM

It was a basic one with a bent/angled loop on each end. One was flat and larger and the other was smaller and thin rounded metal. I gave it a quick go and almost immediately stopped. The pressure required to properly use these things is absolutely ridiculous...I tried the flat side first and it left a perfect imprint of the damned thing right on my cheek which took a while to plump back up and the redness lasted way too long for it to be used regularly.

I can see how the smaller side could be useful in certain cases by gently removing one that is ready/near the surface by sliding it downwards and getting 'underneath' the plug to effectively push it out without having to press down with the force of 20 silverback gorillas but aside from that I feel like this thing is useless and dangerous. I can only imagine how many poor people have scarred the hell out of themselves using these things.

The tools I normally use are the finest of sewing needles and a dental pick which has a rounded hook on the end made from thick rounded metal. I don't stick the dental pick tip in my face, I use the needle for that (ever so slightly pricking, and always pricking into the actual pore. If you draw blood then you missed the pore and pierced the actual skin) and I use the rounded part of the 'hook' (like a U shaped elbow) to gently press and drag downwards. If that doesn't do it then I'll use the finger and tissue. If that still requires too much pressure I'll stop because I know I'll just make it worse. In my experience this has been the best/safest/gentlest way of doing it. I'm left with a bit of pinkness depending on how rough I was (which is not rough at all anymore, learnt that the hard way) which only last an hour or so, and afterwards there's virtually no sign that I've operated on the area. This is best done after doing an 'oil cleanse method' type wash so that everything is somewhat softened up plus you leave some oil on your face and this reduces drag/friction which is essential for creating minimal redness.

the pick I use is basically like the 4th one from the right in this photo http://pinballmagic....ges/pickset.jpg   , you use the pocket of the hook and it works perfectly especially in spots like the crease where your nose meets your cheek.

anyways, any of you guys use the typical comedone extractors regularly and actually like them?? I was instantly like "wow f#ck this thing, disaster waiting to happen"... I seriously can't imagine how the large flat side could be used safely in any situation

Any Us'ers Willing To Give This Stuff A Try? (Sal3)

22 August 2012 - 01:44 PM

On another forum I read, there was a post about a guy having results for his blackheads using the 10% sulfur cream called De la Cruz that you guys can apparently get anywhere.

When searching for alternatives I came across sulfursoap.com which sells a 10% sulfur + 3% salicylic acid soap bar but also sell it in an ointment form. In my searches I came across a few people on a keratosys pilaris forum saying it cleared their problem areas so I'll assume it would probably help non inflammatory type acne. Actually I'm surprised there is virtually nothing about this stuff on this website at all, that 2% paula's choice stuff is always talked about so you'd think a 3% alternative would be interesting to some.

I am in Canada and they force you to order a fairly large amount of either the soap bars or the ointment if you want to get it here. I've tried emailing them to ask if there was any possible way to get a smaller order sent here and to ask for full ingredient lists+ ph of their stuff but they've never replied, even after several attempts.

sooo was wondering if any of you guys from the states would care to try it out to see if it's worth ordering...?


and sulfursoap.com, as well as sulfurointment.com are all identical websites from the same company but you need to use the ointment.com once for the ointment..dunno why they have it set up like that

I would try some in a heartbeat if I lived there, such a pain in the ass though

Any Of You Guys Get The Same Comedonal Type Acne On Your Back/body?

13 April 2012 - 07:12 PM

Just wondering if it's a common combo. I get some breakout type acne on my back, but it's usually pretty minor or it's something I caused by squeezing/picking at a bump.

I even get the odd tiny clogged pore on my forearms once in a while. I'll be scratching them or something, and will feel the tiniest bump under the skin and when I check it out, sure enough there is a small grey spot where I can gently insert a needle into the pore and press it out without doing much damage.

Also the odd one on the abdomen once in a while, but these are never worth picking at cause the skin is so thin there and it gets red for nothing, so small that it's easier to just let it make its way to the surface then I can scratch it off with a fingernail.