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#3284053 How I Cleared My Acne After 26 Years. Try It.

Posted by enjoy on 06 September 2012 - 07:26 AM

^ You probably completely overlooked my post of trying to add the L-Cysteine. Do yourselves a favour and try adding that if you're not really seeing/feeling any difference in your skin. Here in Canada, carnitine is extremely pricey, about twice what it costs for an equivalent quantity/dosage of cysteine so it was a no-brainer that I should at least add it in after reading other posts/articles about being getting this same success with that combination.

Also, do not be afraid to play with dosage. It might take more for you to see an affect than it has taken the OP. I wish I could getting away with that low/inexpensive of a daily dose but it just seemed to not be doing anything in my case. Hopefully eventually I can get away with toning it down and still get ongoing results or use a low dose as a maintenance. At the moment I am taking 500mg carnitine and cysteine in the morning on an empty stomach. I then take 1g B5 with the day's first meal. Followed by another gram of B5+ 50mg zinc with dinner. Finally I finish it off with another 500mg of cysteine before bed an hour or two after I've last eaten. I would take a 2nd 500mg of carnitine with it before bed but it's just too expensive here.

This is where I have started to notice "movement". It is still an extremely mild supplementation routine when compared to the megadosing 10g of B5 a day study. I don't understand how some of you are being discouraged so quickly and talk about giving up when the OP says this is what finally helped him after 26 years. Not to mention the other similar post in the adult section of the person getting clear after 10 years with a similar routine but using the cysteine instead. There is CLEARLY (pun semi-intended) something here, people.

I must admit that in my case, the zinc is what made a dramatic difference in the inflammatory part of my acne. Especially on my back/neck/shoulder area. It has essentially cleared that area leaving only the clogged pores/non inflammatory acne, which is what composes the majority of my problem. But I have high hopes for what I am doing now and  know/hope it will help normalize the rest of my skin.