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#3369575 Clear Skin Or 100 Million Dollars?

Posted by berserk on 27 July 2013 - 06:47 AM

If anyone wouldn't choose that and use most of it to help people in need, they're selfish as hell and deserve the acne.

what makes you think that people who dont choose that route dont already help others when they can???


and saying that someone deserves to have acne is pathetic, who are you to say what someone deserves, we all want to be happy, and when we are happy we can help more, we are more positive that way


there are more ways to help others that dont include money, you think someone will be truly happy inside out when you just throw money at them, meh, i dont know why i even bother

#3354181 Sooo...

Posted by berserk on 02 June 2013 - 06:21 AM

Whats up with that underwear thing smile.png

no masturbation or sex lol



Hey, you forgot the al'mighty BP! There should be mountains of them in the background, haha! biggrin.png

i didnt, its just above homers head lol


but i agree that there should be lots of it, we should be taking a bath with bp instead of water

#3202417 What Keeps You Sane?

Posted by berserk on 09 January 2012 - 11:29 AM

I could say music and etc. But I will say life itself keeps me sane. Why not live to the fullest? My body will eventually collapse anyway, what about people with no limbs and bigger differences that makes them unique, yes differences, not problems. Its all about how you see things. If you are worried about what others think about you, thats your mistake, and theirs too, because eventually they can become different themselves and then... they will look at that difference like something bad, which is not, to me this is blessing. Acne teached me to live, and see things how they really are. When i was younger, I spent too much time thinking about what will others think of me instead of living freely. We will die someday. it could be today, tommorow or next week, year. Do you want to live to the fullest until that, or worry about your body all the time, body which will end 6 feet under one day anyway. And your differences can show how much real friends you have. My differences saved me from relationship with hypocrite girlfriend. She was angel in my eyes until I saw her real face, if I was some supermodel guy i would lived with her for the rest of my life not knowing real her. Time will tell you everything about people, just wait and watch.

Dont get me wrong, I treat my acne too, thats all right. But you shouldnt do that just to make other people happy with you, thats just wrong.