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Finally Worked Out How To Make Panoxyl Work For Me: 100% Clear.

20 June 2012 - 04:24 PM

I've had mild to moderate acne since i was 16. I am now 34. Of those 18 spot-centric years i have been 100% clear only for about 3 months, about 10 years ago when my doctor prescribed me a course of antibiotics. They worked briefly, then stopped, and the acne came back stronger.

I'm 'lucky' enough not to suffer from cysts, instead i get large red spots and smaller whiteheads on my chin, both sides of my neck, behind my ears and on the hairline on the back of my neck. I usually get three or four large new spots a week, which stay active for about a week, before drying up and leaving behind the dreaded red mark.  I must have have tried every spot/acne related facewash available in the UK,  I have tried being dairy free, wheat free, sugar free, caffeine free, nut free, vegan, began voga, washed with only water, etc, etc.. all with varying degrees of failure.

I have also tried Dan's routine for nearly 3 months, and while i did notice a positive reaction on the number of new spots i was developing, the improvements were not really great enough to justify the cost of importing the products into the UK.

I have tried the Panoxyl range of Benzoyl Peroxide products many times, and always with the same results: insanely dry, red and flakey skin resulting in irritation resulting in more spots.

Roughly 6 weeks ago, i became desperate. I went through a terrible two week long breakout which was showing no signs of stoppping, and i was willing to try almost anything - so in desperation i began searching through my huge collection of acne related supplies that i have amassed over the months and years, and i came across a single, unopened tube of Panoxyl Aquagel 2.5 benzoyl peroxide. I figured that if nothing else it will dry out the spots i already have, and hopefully slow down the breakout. So i applied it, and guess what happened?: skin became lobster red, sore, itchy, flakey and irritated. Same as always - BUT it did stop the breakout, and it did dry out the existing spots. So i began thinking; how can i continue to apply this without it being so harsh to my skin?, well.. why not try diluting it down?. And that's what i did, and it actually worked better than i could ever have wished to hope!. My face is currently 100% clear. The extreme-drying, flaking and redness has all completely vanished. Since starting this method, i have developed just two, small new spots in over six weeks.

My "routine" is basically the same as Dan's, but with UK sourced products, and a few modificiations - i'll share it in the hope that it can help others.

I do the following twice a day, when i wake up, and about an hour before i go to bed:

1): I wash my face/neck gently for about 30-45 seconds in the shower with Body Shop's Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash - not everyone likes this, because it contains Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Menthol and some other not so wonderful ingredients - but my skin seems to like it, and it doesn't break my out so i'm sticking with it.

2): I wait 10-15 minutes for my face/neck to dry before applying the Panoxyl Benzoyl Peroxide. I squeeze out exactly one middle finger length of Panoxyl Aquagel 2.5 benzoyl peroxide onto one hand. I run my other hand briefly under warm water then rub my hands together for a few seconds, resulting in two palms full of watery, Benzoyl Peroxide-paste which i apply gently to all my 'problem' areas. I rub it in on my face/neck until all the Benzoyl Peroxide paste has been absorbed.

3): I wait another 10-15 minutes for my face/neck to dry before gently applying moisturiser. I've had similarly good results with both Simple's Hydrating Facial Moisturiser, and Cetaphil's moisturiser, however the one i'm using now is a surprisngly effective and gentle product called Cien's Caring Moisturiser which i discovered in Lidl(!) of all places for a ridiculously cheap price.

That's all!. Finally a routine that is working for me, which is easily sourced, inexpensive and uncomplicated. It's just a pity that it took me the best part of two decades to find it!

I hope someone else using a facial cleanser and moisturiser of their own preference, has some good luck with this method of Benzoyl Peroxide application,