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The Regimen Really Really Works... but even better on dan's products

19 April 2010 - 11:07 AM

hi - i just wanted to say i have been on the regimen about 5 weeks now and it works 100% - that is if you follow dan's regimen instructions precisely. i didn't have immediate access to dan's products when i discovered acne.org as i live in the uk so i used dermalogica special cleansing gel as a face wash, panoxyl 2.5 as my bp and olay beauty fluid for sensitive skin as my moisturizer.

however i ordered all of dan's products so that i could try them out. they arrived last week and i have been using them for a week now and they are so much better than what i was using as described above. so if you can afford to get dan's products shipped to you, i highly recommend this. dan's bp is much better than panoxyl and not so harsh on the skin. his cleanser is better than the dermalogica one and a fraction of the cost and the moisturizer and jojoba oil are great - thanks dan.

i am proud to say that this is the first time in many many years that i have never had a zit. my skin has been clear for weeks now and it is bliss.

dan deserves mighty praise for what he has achieved with acne.org - i spent years wasting huge sums of money on doctors bills and medication which never worked. how come a guy like dan can come along and do such amazing things and yet all so simply.... the dermatologists and doctors out there need to take note. i am off to my doc next week to tell him about acne.org because he has been prescribing me all sorts of things for years which never worked. he needs to know about acne.org!

good like to all you people out there and don't give up on the regimen - it really really works!