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In Topic: Every time I eat sugar/simple carbs I get a horrible breakout

23 June 2011 - 02:15 AM

Sounds an awful lots like candidiasis to me and very much like the symptoms I was dealing with before I started on natural antifungals and probiotic therapy. Do you also have brain fog, thrush (oral or otherwise), headaches, general malaise, anxiety....there is a huge list of symptoms, but these were the ones that I experienced. Antibiotics are really implicated in candida - I was on anti-bi's constantly throughout childhood as a result of requent chest infections, and that I believe is where my problems started.

It's not that hard to deal with - get some good anti-fungals such as pau d'arco, Formula SF722 (I used this one), caprylic acid, oil of oragano, or grapefruit seed extract - there are quite a few that you could use. Some people have to roatate them to get rid of candida in it's entirety, but I found that taking Formula SF722 with every meal for 2 months and avoiding refined sugars and lots of carbs, then undertaking probiotic therapy for an extended period of time using homemade kefir, was enough to get rid of candida forever - no more yucky whote tongue, yay!

In Topic: After reading Sweetjade and a dozen of veteran members... I figured why acne...

21 June 2011 - 02:24 AM

QUOTE (bephso @ Jun 20 2011, 07:48 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
I don't doubt that diet affects acne, but does it cause acne?

One of the things that I've not been able to wrap my head around regarding the diet/acne relationship is that everyone on here that is affected by diet has gone on to eat these limited diets, avoiding the things that they feel breaks them out. Forever they will avoid these foods because they get acne when they eat them.

To me, this is not fixing the problem. If the majority of the population is not getting cysts on their face from eating a slice of bread, or even healthy things like oranges, then there must be something seriously wrong inside of the people that do get them. Why not try to become immune (in some respect) to them like the rest of the population, so that in the event they slip into your diet unexpectedly, you don't end up looking like a zombie 3 days later?

No one really talks about fixing the problem, just about avoiding the problem. If there's a hole inside of me that leads to food getting into my bloodstream and breaking me out, I'd rather fix the damn thing than avoid eating everything that would make me break out, which is just about everything.

If people can eat a chocolate bar and not suffer from acne (and remember I'm not condoning eating crap), then there is something wrong with what's inside of us that's causing us to breakout if we dare eat it.

How the hell do you heal it?

And please please, remember I'm not eating these things - don't tell me to not eat it, that's not the point. The point is avoiding is not healing. If it was, those of you that have been on strict diets for years could eat a piece of pie now without breaking out.

How the hell do you heal genetic predisposition to acne and a digestive system that has not evolved to handle certain food groups? Stem cell therapy is the only thing I can think of that might 'fix' things like gluten intolerance, and this may be a very real therapy in the future, but as yet it is a very new treatment, and I'm pretty sure it isn't available for food intolerance related acne. Also, you would need thousands of $'s just for the consultation alone. Surely it is just easier to figure out what ails you food wise and avoid it?

Here is a thread that might interest you anyways:


Also, I think liver cleanses are a perfectly acceptable way to cope with acne, and they work well for many people, especially if there is a high degree of liver damage due to years of eating like crap and taking meds. On the other hand however, diet is still a major part of staying clear for people who have done liver cleanses as it is the only way to keep your liver healthy over the long term - what a pain in the arse to be doing a whole bunch of new cleanses everytime you overloaded your liver from bad habits! It is worth remembering that the body is able to renew itself completely every 7 years or so, and also the liver is the only organ capable of regenerating lost tissue, so keeping to a healthy diet in the long term is a slow but sure way of restoring your body to health.

Here is a thread on liver cleansing that you might be interested in, but note that this guy who did a whole load of cleanses to help his skin is also an advocate of sticking to a healthy diet:


In Topic: Elimination Diet Questions

18 June 2011 - 01:02 PM

Ha ha, yeah, I love my sweet potatoes too, and def would rather do a hardcore kill and then replenish with probiotics than stick to a strict candida diet indefinately. I found that taking antifungals with every meal to hit the candida when there were GI foods present such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, bread or pasta did the job fine for me, without having to do all that the whole 'avoid mushrooms, yeast and vinegar' thing - completely wierd and makes no intuitive sense at all.

In Topic: Elimination Diet Questions

18 June 2011 - 06:50 AM

I echo above thoughts on supps in terms of binders and fillers as well as the fact that they are synthetic forms of the mins and vits that you should be trying to get from wholefoods, that work better and synergistically with other metabolites within the foods they are apart of, such as bioflavonoids.

Also how do you store your flaxseed oil, and how was it stored when you bought it? Flaxseed oil is notorious for going rancid quickly and it needs to be cold pressed and refridgerated immediately (i.e. from factory to shop) and kept in cold storage in an airtight container the whole time. Once opened it needs to be used within about 6 weeks and in that time it will start to go bad. You are prob better off getting your omega 3's from other oils with a high omega 3 ration, such as hempseed, which is much more stable, or oily fish such as salmon and makeral. Or you could invest in a grinder and grind your own flaxseeds as you need them.

Hemp milk is great and definately head and shoulders above soy which is pure crap, but generally it is quite expensive.

As for avoiding vinegar, I have only heard this myself in relation to the anti candida diet, and I am not convinced on the theory behind it. In my mind the most important things to avoid with candida are refined carbs and sugar, and then perhaps fruits and unrefined carbs such as potatoes and sweet potatoes, on account of their comparatively high glycemic index.

In Topic: Introducing myself & questions

18 June 2011 - 04:53 AM

My acne started at puberty (12 ish) and got debilitatingly bad in my 20's as a result of stress and somewhat of an OCD picking problem. I have always been into healthy eating (apart from my teens and early 20's when I ate like crap) but really got interested in nutritional stuff about 8/9 years ago when I decided that I need to fix my multitude of health problems that were a result of a childhood full of antibiotics due to a collaped lung at 2 and resulting asthma that left me very susceptible to chest infections.

I started to self educate on alternative health through the internet and did a couple of water fasts and salt flushes, which really cleaned me out and got rid of a persistent sinus problem that had plagued me since childhood. I tried going gluten free for the first time about 4 years ago and saw an immediate benefit in terms of increased energy levels and a clearing of brain fog, but I did not see a significant improvement in my skin, so I assumed that gluten was not a trigger for my skin and that I didn't have a real problem with it in terms of intolerance. Then I made the connection with candida and I obtained some antifungal supplements based on castor bean oil that really kicked the shit out of my candida infection. At the same time I was getting into iodine therapy and probiotics, generally homemade kefir and kombucha tea, although I did try shop bought ones but didn't really rate these by comparison. The anti-candida, iodine and probiotic protocol really helped my health in so many ways, but again, I only saw a partial clearing of my skin, so for the last couple of years I have been trying to figure out why when I had dealt with candida issues, my skin had not improved to the extent I hoped it would.

So two months ago I had a lightbulb moment and realised that perhaps the reason I had not had the success 4 years back with going gluten free was because I was dealing with candida at the same time, and now I had cleared the candida from my system the gluten free protocol might just be the ticket, and low and behold this has proved to be the case and my skin is clearing bit by bit on a completely grain free diet. It has been hard saying goodbye to my beloved multiseed wholegrain bread that I so dearly loved, but now I have done it I really can't imagine going back - the health benefits are too significant for me to ignore. It makes you more creative with your cooking to boot, and I love the ideas I am picking up on this board from super informative people like alternativista (made those beans, onions, galric and spring greens the other day btw - wow, so simple but so damned tasty!) and others who really know their shit. I love this board, it is so helpful and I really feel one of the best nutritional boards around.

I am also into alternative cancer tratement and have recently been helping a friend who was giving a few days to live (brain cancer and lung cancer) almost a year agp. Through following a strictish diet based on juicing and raw foods, detoxing using epsom salt baths, taking probiotics, following the Budwig protocol and taking other anti-cancer supps such as oleander, he has reduced his lung cancer by 80%. It is such a pleasure to see results like that and know that you are helping people who have been told by allopathic medine that there is no cure and the only help they can be given is palliative chemo treatment to prolong life...just goes to show the power of detox of nutritional therapy!

Topically like alternativista, I use homemade moisturisers - during day virgin coconut oil with essential oils helichrysum, carrot seed and peppermint, and at night emu oil and jojoba oil with  peppermint, clary sage, sage, rosemary verbonen and lemon. I also use AVC and green tea 50/50 as a toner spritz and I am getting into tumermic masks for brown marks and scars.

I supplement occasionally depending on how I feel, mainly vit c (sodium ascorbate), Vit D3, magnesium and wild salmon oil.

That's it, I think, sorry for epic - difficult to fit it all in really! smile.gif