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26 March 2014 - 09:37 AM

Okay, so with summer approaching us (in the Northern Hemisphere anyway), of course one of the things on some people's minds will be the sunscreen, especially for those of us with hyperpigmentation.


I have read a number of topics on here in the past though with members denouncing sunscreen- for various health reasons, but also because it has a bad rep regarding clogging pores and in some cases, rash (which I believe is caused by methylisothiazolinone).


This has never been a big issue for me as I've tended to be a recluse in the summer. But now that I'm currently treating my red marks with glycolic, I figure it would probably be a wise thing to look into.


So in general, what do you all feel about sunscreen? Is there a consensus at all? I know that cetaphil have an SPF 50, but reading the reviews on this site do not fill me with the utmost confidence. Are there other good brands?

Anybody Else Find... (Aha Related)

11 March 2014 - 07:59 AM

Does anybody else feel that the 10% AHA just doesn't cut it as far as exfoliation on it's own? For me it seems to slough that horrible BP-Created skin as it's supposed to alright, but tends to still leave it on the surface making my skin look dry and tired. The problem is that gentle cleansers are just pathetic at getting rid of that sitting sloughed skin.


I've just performed Cetaphil's recommended Sugar scrub (very gently of course) and my skin is looking better than it has done in about 3 weeks. I know manual exfoliation is a "forbidden" around here, but surely I'm not the only who who feels it might be a neccescary evil once a week perhaps?

The Regimen And Glycolic Peels- Unanswered Questions

18 November 2013 - 09:56 AM

Hi all. I know this is a topic that may have come up before as Chemical peels are indeed a popular method of maintaining healthy skin and shedding red marks, however after much searching I am still unsatisfied with the answers given.


The question is: Is there any big reason not to incorporate a once-weekly glycolic peel into ones skincare regimen, other than "It might irritate your skin if you use the BP too soon after a peel (I.e. couple of days)?


I mean, there aren't any other implications here? Would the BP age my skin at a greatly increased rate if I used it after peels over a significant enough period of time?


My idea was:


Monday- Cleanse-BP-Moisturize (Morning and night)

Tuesday- Cleanse-BP-Moisturize (M+N)

Wednesday- Cleanse-BP-Moisturize (M+N)

Thursday-  Cleanse-Glycolic Peel-Moisturize. Then just cleanse and moisturize in the evening

Friday- Cleanse, Moisturize. (M+N)

Saturday- Cleanse, Moisturize (M+N)

Sunday- Cleanse, Moisturize. Then finally introduce the BP Back on sunday evening in order to get ready for the next 3 days.


The idea behind this is- Skin is usually tight for about 3 days, and although I know the effects are longer than that, provided one's skin is sufficiently accustomed to the BP it wouldn't be too phased by re-introducing it roughly 3 days after the peel.


The thing is, my skin is at the stage where it doesn't *massively* freak out when there is no BP present anymore, and the days after a peel it's good enough by itself that it doesn't break out. However when it comes to Tuesday-Wednesday time the lack of BP really shows on my previous regimen of BP just nightly every 2 days.


Oh, and as a side question, is there any real scientific reason that BP slows down the healing rate of skin, even when properly moisturized? It's a theory I have seen a lot on these boards and while there may be some stock in it, I've yet to see/hear evidence as to why.


If you made it to the bottom here, much appreciation.

23 Going On 46.7

02 November 2013 - 06:14 PM

First off, I must say that my acne is the clearest it has been in about 13 years (Triskadekaphobia sufferers, look away). How clear? "one-active-pimple-per-week-clear" wink.png I have suffered ever since I can remember, and as a result am the strange, genius and yet possibly insane person I am today. Benzoyl Peroxide is unequivicolly the best acne-fighting medication I have ever used, and for that I am eternally grateful to the regimen.


However. The Flaking. Seriously.


I use the greatest moisturizer known to man (and woman), Olay Regenerist Night Recovery Cream. I had been using it for about 2 weeks prior to starting on Benzoyl Peroxide, and for about 3 weeks following I had wonderful velvet sheet-hydrated skin. I still got about 2 new spots a week, but my skin felt like the toilet paper used in the Taj Mahal (allegedly).


Then about week 5 or so, I stopped getting the occasional spot full stop, my skin was great (minus the disgusting red marks).


Unfortunately, I ran out of Olay Regenerist cream, so had to resort to using the infinitely inferior Serum for 4 days whilst waiting for my new order of the cream to arrive. Mistake.


My skin began flaking badly, like the best slow-boiled mackerel. Flake upon flake, the waterfall of skin cascaded down my cheeks. When I eventually recieved my cream, I thought I had finally found salvation. Wrong.


Now no matter how much of the cream I apply, the flakes are still there. I have basically replaced active acne with lizard scales. I was out today, and I almost recoiled in horror at how aged my skin looked. I am not exaggurating to say I am 23 going on 40, to look at my forehead and cheeks. This is better than having active acne, no doubt, but at this rate the only social company I'm going to be keeping will be chameleons and Iguanas.


So, to make this worthwhile for anybody reading- could you please, suggest something I can do to stop the rot? I am humble towards any suggestions.


EDIT: I use the regenerist cleanser usually gently massaging my face in order not to "exfoliate" too much. Could this be the problem I.E that is to say I shouldn't be "massaging" at all?