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In Topic: Ipl Experiences?

03 December 2013 - 06:24 AM

I wouldn't be able to comment on IPL experience, but I know chemical peels are more of a gradual thing. Do what you feel is best, there are risks associated with both, but there are also great rewards associated with each of them.

In Topic: The Nhs & Scar Treatment... Don't Take No For An Answer

03 December 2013 - 06:11 AM

Well done mate, I'm really pleased for you. The whole system here in the UK is atrocious. Not only does the mere mention of a dermatologist stick you on a 3 month waiting list (conservative estimate), but most of them are unhelpful at best, at worst ignorant to important issues that theoretically (since... I don't know... they're supposedly fully qualified medical professionals in this particular field?!) they should know inside-out and completely understand.


It's no secret that dermatologists are seldom seen as being as important as other specialists in the NHS. It seems that if they're any good, they'd be charging for it.


Anyway, congrats on managing to get this treatment on the NHS. This gives me an idea for when I'm rid of my own red marks.

In Topic: Bp Only At Night, Aha During The Day

18 November 2013 - 10:03 AM

I have experience of using BP during the night-time only, with relative success. However on my own regimen I used the Glycolic Acid AHA over the BP at night, which seemed to reduce the flakiness for me (when paired with a moisturizer).


The question is really whether or not you feel it's absolutely crushing those breakouts at this stage. If it is, then your skin may still react positively to the night-only BP application. If it's still hit-and-miss at this early stage, I'd maybe look into keeping the Twice-a-day BP but with a mild AHA incorporated into the regimen too.

In Topic: Breaking Out And Dry Skin

02 November 2013 - 06:48 PM

So wait, not exfoliating flakes breaks the perpetual flake-cycle? Aha, back to the board.

In Topic: Is This Normal? =/

02 November 2013 - 06:43 PM

This is 100% par for the course whilst using the regimen. The best advice I could give personally is to use a powerful moisturizing cream and an AHA serum in conjunction with the BP. Believe me, I know how ridiculous the flaking can get, replacing skin of homo-sapian with that of homo-reptilia. I am struggling myself with the flakes at the moment but I have formulated a plan.