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Self Sabotage

20 April 2014 - 07:24 AM

I basically know what causes my acne, yet I continually fall off the train. My skin always gets better once I stick to what I know works for me. I am clear for months. Then I tell myself that I can slip up, and slip up some more. Next thing you know I am faced with a huge breakout.


It's especially bad because my acne is very much diet related. So I always breakout around the holidays and in the Winter when I get depressed and want to eat comfort food. I am having a lot of trouble sticking to a low-GI diet. :(



Does Cutting Out Dairy And Sugar Make You More Sensitive To It?

15 June 2012 - 06:41 PM

From my very basic understanding, the Asian populace, specifically Chinese, are more likely to be lactose intolerant. The question is whether it is due to environmental or genetic factors or a combination of both.

I cut out dairy and sugar quite effectively although I have seen my share of trying times. For instance, I got a new room mate that eats like an 8 year would if they were capable of buying their own groceries (i.e. "fun foods" such as cereal and other high fructose corn syrup treats.) Being human, I have indulged in these confections on the rare occasion.

Well, it has caught up with me. I first noticed the problem after consuming Palak Paneer with yogurt and my stomach did not agree with it. That has never happened before. After testing the waters and consuming dairy a few other times the same thing happened!

I feel as though I developed a greater sensitivity to these foods. I have an inflamed black head on my nose today from bingeing on parmesan cheese. I thought I could get away with it as I have in the past but nope.

I'm wondering if the theory that developing sensitives to food after abstaining from them over a large period of time holds any weight? Does anyone care to shed some light on the topic through personal experience or scholarly articles? I haven't found much online.