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#3338155 Success Compilation Thread

Posted by 5ive on 02 April 2013 - 09:21 PM

After years of being on the regime and seeing great results but still getting pesky breakouts especially if I didn't follow it exactly, I decided to try a low GI diet. Hence why I'm checking in because I cleared my skin with diet, too! My log is in my signature.


I still follow the regime but I also now avoid dairy and refined grains. I do have them on occasion although I really shouldn't because it sometimes leads to a binge and a breakout. But nonetheless, I go right back on the diet and my skin clears right up. Sticking to it 100% and 24/7 is very hard but well worth it.


I also supplement with green smoothies that is basically a way for me to eat more fruits and vegetables since I lead a pretty busy lifestyle and don't want to be in the kitchen all day.


I will say this: the diet is more effective than the regime. And I really, REALLY wish there was more research but telling you to not eat cereal or drink milk doesn't necessary help sell products.


I suggest everyone give it a shot!

#3231181 5ive's Personal Regimen Log - Mild Acne on Dan Kerr's Regime (DKR)

Posted by 5ive on 04 April 2012 - 12:37 PM

I haven't forgotten about you guys!

I haven't been on here because my acne has cleared up.

1) Give up milk.
I put this NUMBER ONE because I want people to KNOW that MILK CAUSES ACNE. Cut it out. Do this strictly for 3 months. There have been studies to show there is a direct link for milk and boys and acne. http://www.ncbi.nlm....pubmed/18194824
I found that doing this my skin cleared up, even on my back!

2) Get on BP
After washing your face (I just use water to do this), wait 5 mins, put on BP, wait 5 mins,  and moisturize. This is Dan's regime. It helps. 'Nough said.

3) Realize you're not "dirty"
Don't scrub or scald your face. You are gorgeous. Don't try to change your skin. Don't buy into the hype that you need some harsh cleanser to make your skin feel better. Don't pick at your skin to get things out. I actually find acne commercials LAUGHABLE how they try to make you feel self-concious that you are DIRTY. Like Proactiv commercials are horrible and play into people's insecurities.

4) Don't pick
Let it come out of your skin. Your skin evolved to have acne for reason and it knows what it's doing. LEAVE IT ALONE. This website was awesome http://www.stoppickingonme.com/

5)  Generally be healthy
The best face wash? Sweating. Urea from your sweat will do wonders. Just a rinse after is all you need. Don't damage your skin. There's such a thing as being too clean. You have a "horny layer" to protect it. Don't rip this off and let bacteria in. Laugh more. Eat better. Stop smoking.

6) Green smoothies
Seriously, look into this. A handful of kale, a handful of berries, a scoop of cinnamon, maybe half an avocado and maybe a cup of fiber cereal then just add some water, blend it up, you have yourself a really healthy treat for your skin and body. It tastes amazing and alternate your greens (instead of kale have spinach or romaine), but kale is really important since it is a great source of calcium and seeing as how YOU GAVE UP MILK you need this!

7) It's not perfect
Admit it. You have acne. Accept it. It sucks. Boo hoo. First world problems. Get over it. There's only so much you can do. You will get a zit here and there. Suck it up. Look people in the eye. Don't let it control your life. Easier said then done, trust me. We've all been there where we couldn't leave the house for months. But please try to better yourself and challenge yourself.

8) Sleep with a towel on your pillow
I'm lazy. I don't wash my sheets every other day. I'm more likely to wash a single towel though. Not only will this prevent the BP from staining your sheets, it keeps the bacteria away.

9) Mind over matter
You think you're going to break out? You are going to. You think that zit is really bad and is going to become inflamed? It will. You think you're going to clear up and have nice skin? You are.
Start being positive about your skin and stop focusing on the negative! I used to go inches away from the mirror and zone in on every pimple on my face. Then I started to practice standing away from the mirror at all times. It gave me a ton of anxiety, still does, but my opinion of my skin has completely changed.

I am positive that these changes will help someone out tremendously. I have no doubt my skin cleared due to hormonal changes (I am 25) but I still get breakouts.

Below is a pic taken with my shady webcam, but the cam usually picks up ALL redness. As you can see, there isn't any concentrated redness anywhere. I haven't had any issues with my skin in months. And if I did, it was usually so insignificant and due to cheating (i.e. having milk).

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#3185386 5ive's Personal Regimen Log - Mild Acne on Dan Kerr's Regime (DKR)

Posted by 5ive on 27 November 2011 - 09:02 PM

Hey Paul,

You are completely right about the alcoholism as maybe I am being slightly dramatic. Last night I had a million people over and I contained myself by only have 6 drinks over a span of like 5 hours with food and water in between. It was actually really relaxing and I had an amazing night that really inspired me to set up my Christmas tree and deck the halls with bells of holly so to speak.

Anyway, the Epsom Salts on my back are really purging everything out. I have a ton of whiteheads now that are gross. I found myself squeezing one of them at night, accidentally in my sleep. Yuck. Now I have to wash my towel.

Today I ran out of products. As I have a big ol zit in the middle of my cheek which is abnormal for me as I don't tend to break out there I wanted to make quick work of getting my supplies at Shoppers Drug Mart. I go to the one in St. Jamestown. Immediately when I picked up my products this sales woman comes over to me and tries to work her magic.

And I remember her too. When my skin cleared up dramatically I purchased my products from her. She was like "Oh it's working for you, but your skin is red." UGH. Typing this even makes me angry. This was in my 3rd month where things get really amazing but still very, very red. And I was like "That will subside in about a month as my skin gets used to it." And she goes, "A MONTH? I have products that work right away..."

In my head I was like "Bitch, I have acne. You are probably going to sell me some Neutrogena for men shit with soap in it and a moisturizer with Botanicals and perfume for like $50 so you can feel good that you worked your sales magic on me."

Anyway, today she came up from behind with a big smile and was like, "Can I help you?" I just looked at her and shook my head "NO" and ran away. I know she's trying to help but people don't realize that I just want to get my Benzoyl Peroxide and my moisturizer in peace and not be ripped off.

Like, THE BEST thing you can use as eye and lip moisturizer is Petroleum Jelly (AKA Vaseline) for like 2 bucks. One time I went to the drugstore and asked for help as my lips were OUT OF CONTROL chapped. The lady gave me some "lip repair" stuff that was 30 bucks and it broke me out like mad all around my mouth. My mom told me to just use vaseline and it worked wonders.

I swear, people just don't understand what it's like to have really sensitive skin that breaks out so easily but needs to be taken care of. I get made fun of for taking baths by my boyfriend. People just don't get it.