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In Topic: 5ive's Personal Regimen Log - Mild Acne on Dan Kerr's Regime (DKR)

12 April 2015 - 07:35 PM

Doing something unusual: checking in while clear! Despite crazy stress and not a perfect diet, I maintained my anti acne habits and have been clear for over a month.

In Topic: Epsom Salts Anybody?

14 December 2014 - 09:17 PM

Its like a curse: everything that is the most effective for my skin always makes it worse before it gets better.

I've tried a similar homeopathic remedy: apple cider vinegar. It did not work for meat all.

Sulfur has always worked for me! I soak in es then my skin literally throws up for a bit and then clears up. Im sure if I stuck to a very clean eating diet I could bypass the purge. But I love my chips, pop and chocolate too much.

In Topic: 5ive's Personal Regimen Log - Mild Acne on Dan Kerr's Regime (DKR)

14 December 2014 - 01:26 PM

Epsom Salt


I am writing about epsom salt as I feel it's greatly underrepresented online and a lot of the information out there doesn't reflect my skin type. So hopefully this will help someone.


About my skin


So I wouldn't call my skin terrible by any stretch of the imagination. Although that's not to say it hasn't greatly impacted my life including my career. I started getting acne around 12. It started to clear up when I became paleo and also vegetarian in my teens. I used to break out daily (2 - 3 new pimples a day) when I was off of my diet and eating crap. 


I've always had persistent back acne my entire life. So that when people told me to do "nothing" to my skin, it didn't make sense (and yes, I've tried that). It didn't make sense because I had back acne that I did nothing with my entire life, and it was actually pretty severe at times.


The only thing that has kept my skin under control (without extreme dieting) has been benzoyl peroxide. 


Note: I don't recommend the low, gi diet. If you can adhere to it: THAT'S GREAT! Good for you! For me, I CAN'T. I try SO HARD to stick to it. But it's impossible to NOT eat crap. I always slip up. That's why I recommend treating acne from all angles.


My skin now


Again, my skin is not terrible. It's just when I break out, it's usually one or two that are HUGE. Like really inflamed, red, angry zits that can be quite painful and sometimes leave marks (I only have one scar from a zit).


Back to Epsom Salt


Basically Epsom Salt makes my skin way worse before it gets better. It brings all of the crap to the surface, and I break out for 2-3 weeks while constantly on Epsom Salt.


Right now I went through an annual winter breakout when the weather changed (Oh, Canada). Then my house started undergoing renovations and I couldn't eat my proper food (i.e. low gi). So I opted for easier stuff.


That's when I started breaking out and it's been cyclical. All of the Epsom Salts are bringing the crap from inside up.


It's completely cleared up breakouts on my back and I've never been so clear while using it. 


What I do is pour some into my bath under hot water, soak for 15 minutes, then do my cleanse with water, put on some BP and moisturize with salicylic acid.


If you want to keep your inside clean and avoid further breakouts, make sure to eat a very clean, low gi diet!

In Topic: 5ive's Personal Regimen Log - Mild Acne on Dan Kerr's Regime (DKR)

12 September 2014 - 10:00 AM



The weather changed, and so did my skin. AND WHEN THAT HAPPENS: ACNE. I got FOUR WHITEHEADS, side by side, on the bottom of my chin. It was burning and felt like my skin was so oily. 


Why did this happen?

-weather (obvi)



I really want to touch on this point: DIET. Diet has been BY FAR THE HARDEST THING. Crappy food is literally EVERYWHERE. If it's cheap and easy to get it, it's probably really bad. And we all know that. 


It's common sense, I get it.


But sticking to that common sense is hard. The past few weeks for me have been difficult with work and venturing on new projects. In that time I've sacrificed taking proper care of myself and eating nutrient rich food. Instead I opted for McDonald's and potato chips. 


It's kind of dumb that I keep doing this to myself. But at least I know what to bring myself out of this mess.

In Topic: 5ive's Personal Regimen Log - Mild Acne on Dan Kerr's Regime (DKR)

21 April 2014 - 06:19 AM

Both of the huge puffy zits beside my nose bled like crazy last night. I woke up with blood all over my cheek! The swelling and redness has subsided. The rest of my face is clear. I can tell I am headed in the right direction.


It's funny how I started this log with being "fuck this holistic crap." But then found that it was actually a huge piece in keeping myself clear and preventing new breakouts.


By eating a low GI diet and cutting out milk, I was able to kick acne for good in the butt!