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My Acne

01 March 2011 - 06:29 AM

Hi, i'm kind of new here so go easy on me! I just wanted someplace to share my acne experience and see whether anyone has experienced similar things. Basically, this is just some sort of rant.

I'm 20 years old, and have had acne for about 8 years now. It was never too severe, but similarly, it was never on/off and it's been a regular pain in the ass for a long time now. I've just come to the stage where i don't ever expect to have a clear face anymore. That comment may be OTT but i've realized that whatever i do, i can't seem to stop it or even limit it.

A couple of years ago, i thought i found a solution, when the doc prescribed pills to me (they're called Doxy Robbane, something like that), and it worked wonders for me. I took one pill/day for 2 months and my acne seemed to have evaporated.

Around 2/3 months later, i started hitting the gym regularly, and with that i started drinking milk regularly. Now i never associated food with acne, contrary to most people. I always thought it was something you stop dealing with when you're around 19 years old. However, ever since i started drinking milk, my face exploded. I was having those huge pimples/cysts on the right side of my face(rarely on the left, strangely enough) and kept wondering what went wrong. Then i found this place and read that milk and dairy products are related to acne, so i cut them out of my diet, and, as expected, around a month later my face started clearing. Strangely enough, this was around the end of winter, which i never thought about at the time. However, i've had to deal with regular acne since, it wasn't horrific but quite annoying and whether i care to admit it or not, it shot my self confidence.

My acne went from bad to worse a few months ago. So I cut off potato ships, chocolate and all sweets from my diet, and always noticed my face sort of clearing up a couple of weeks later, but i always fell to temptation and started eating sweets and chips a week after that, thinking i can control it. However, about 2 months ago, i decided to completely cut those of my diet, for good this time, and turns out this clearing up thing only lasted about 3/4 days and things were back to normal after that. As i post this, it's winter, and for the second year running, my acne is getting worse during this period of the year. I don't know if it's a coincidence, maybe some of you could enlighten me on the subject. What's even more bizarre is that it's happening on the left side of my face this time around, with rarely any sort of action on my right side, and never my forehead(although it's full of blackheads).

The only thing i haven't tried is Roa cutane, or Isossupra(they're similar). However, i'm not looking forward to spending 6/7 months with a face covered in cysts and pimples if i try it, it would definitely hurt my social life. So i'm just wondering if i should do anything about it, or just wait it out for the next year or so, i'm still 20 after all.


My Acne

11 February 2010 - 04:21 AM

Hi all!

I'm new to the forum, so i'll just post what's my situation like, eventhough most of view won't care wink.gif . Anyway, i've had "moderate" acne for about 7 years (i'm 19), it was never over the top but it was always a pain in the ass as you can imagine. I started taking Doxy pills a year and a half ago and they worked wonders, i didn't have a breakout for a year or so, barely. It all changed a couple of months ago, suddenly i'm having all sorts of breakouts on my face (just my face, not my forehead, on one side much more than the other!). So it made me wonder what has changed in my diet, and the answer was nothing. I decided to cut all the diary, chocolate etc, and surprisingly, nothing has changed. So i've really struggled in the past couple of weeks, trying to figure out what caused all this. I've tried taking Doxy pills again but they're no help, i guess Accutane is the next step.

Thoughts? Anyone been through the same experience? Anything would be appreciated eusa_wall.gif