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Quest to Look Normal > Paula's Choice Bha For Body Acne Is Still What Works Best.

Posted 05 March 2013

So in my last entry, I had stopped using the Paula's Choice BHA weightless body lotion because I went away for a week and didn't bring it with me. I broke out all over my back and had to start using PanOxyl 10% benzoyl peroxide bar soap on my back. I alternated days between using that and using a pyrithione zinc bar soap I bought on Amazon. So one day I'd...

Quest to Look Normal > Back Where I Started, Kind Of... On To Panoxyl Bar Soap

Posted 26 January 2012

Well, I stopped using Paula's Choice because one day, I was in a hurry, then I became lazy, and my skin was clear, so why not? Then I went to visit relatives up north over Xmas, and my back and chest broke out like crazy. Like CRAZY.

My face had started breaking out already around October, probably from the horrific summer we had in Central Texas last...

Quest to Look Normal > Still Trucking... Back Remains Clear For Several Weeks, Small Chest Breakout, Face Is H...

Posted 08 November 2011

Sorry for the long, convoluted title.

My back is still clear. I'm super happy. The marks are fading and nothing new is forming, which is helping them fade. When I wash my back and it feels like smooth, normal skin, it makes me wish it were warmer so I could wear strapless shirts again.

I have one blemish on my chest now, but I've been using the 12-hour...

Quest to Look Normal > Clear Again. Now Just Have Light Scarring.

Posted 21 October 2011

So with the help of the AcneFree 12 Hour Foam and the Paula's Choice BHA lotion (plus St. Ives green tea body wash), the skin on my back and chest is completely clear. Completely. Of course, I'm breaking out on my face, but I'll take it.

I hope it lasts. I want the marks on my back to go away. I hate them. It seems like every time they start to fade, new...

Quest to Look Normal > It's Been A While, Sorry....

Posted 11 October 2011

So I've been using St. Ives green tea clear skin body scrub, and it seems to work pretty well if I use it in conjunction with an AHA or a BHA cream afterward.

The thing that really seemed to get my back and chest clear, though, was AcneFree's new BPO foam - it's called something like AM treatment or whatever, and it's in a little mousse can. I really like...