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#3219283 I'm Stuck In The Past

Posted by Coppedsynergy999 on 24 February 2012 - 01:17 AM

Ah man, your a cool dude. Look, take my advice. Sometimes God puts us through things to make us stronger. In this circumstance God put you through some hard times to show you who your real friends are. Just think if the acne hadnt come, youd still be haning around trashy women and maybe even getting one of them pregnant. Just keep your head up brother. I am having the same problem too. But you know what, you will be a TRUE G if you buck up pull yourself up by your bootstraps and swag out better than you ever have before. You can do it man. Grap life by the reigns and ride that shit homey. I lost it all my friend. My dad moved away, my mom had a stroke, I lsot my home, lost alot of freinds, my job, my money,.....................But guess what. Fuck all that dude. Im riding out with the best of em. Im glad as hell my life hasnt been a cakewalk. Ide rather wrestle down a dragon than a damn bunny rabbit. Be a G my man. Start workin out, swimming, listening to good music on the ole ipod. N walk around like you are the shit. Because you ARE

#3205644 My Regimen. Suggestions Greatly Accepted!

Posted by Coppedsynergy999 on 17 January 2012 - 12:18 AM

If i could go back in time I would Never use a cleanser. I would wash my face with water apply bp with absolutely NO moisturizer. Just lt my natural oils do its thing with some drying action of the bp. In my experience moisturizers are BAD for acne.

And just cover your most prone areas

The best advice i could give a newcomer is this. You need to get to know your OWN skin. Dont just use 1 pump or 2 pumps or whatever just cause someone told you that number. You must customize my friend. Maybe you only need a little bp. Dont fall into the trap of numbers and stuff. Your skin is an organ and must be treated differently on a daily basis depending on its condition.