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#3480080 Help Red Acne Scars With Pictures

Posted by mrsrobinson on 06 May 2015 - 06:22 AM

surprised the VBeam didn't help...of course I am a LUNATIC and insist on knowing the settings used, and I write it DOWN     you could have 1000 session but if too low you are wasting your money

so don't be afraid to speak up, you are paying- YOU are in control

honestly the best thing I do is a daily glycolic acid, like the one on the acne.org site, or you can get alpha hydrox off Amazon...10% enhanced lotion....you have to build up a tolerance to it so go slow...but my skin is tough enough for morning AND night

and time...the pictures don't look bad, but trust me I understand that can be misleading -  get yourself a good makeup in the interim, but do look into daily 10% GA

how did you stop the acne, is this post Accutane?

#3480008 Severe Scaring/acne

Posted by mrsrobinson on 05 May 2015 - 01:07 PM

well chin up...sounds like you have a lot of hyperpigmentation(dark spots) versus scars?  

sounds like you are doing all the right things, ie the hydroquinone at 4%....just takes a while to work

so you need to find a cover that works...I LOVE mineral make-up- you may need to mix a few powders to get your exact match, but they blend in well and cover very well....look at Bare minerals or Pure minerals...don't give up, find a shade or mix a shade that works for you

if you find a good concealer that will help you as the marks fade, so make it your mission!!

#3479344 People Get Disgusted When I'm Around.

Posted by mrsrobinson on 29 April 2015 - 04:43 AM

Hey you are hurting and this is the right place to come....many of us have missed out on chunks of our lives because of this dreaded disease....so you've opened your soul to us, but can I ask you to do ONE more step? 

ONE more step?....I do think it will help.

You say you've looked at the photos here and 95% are attractive (your assessment) and 5% aren't (your assessment).  If we were to conduct a poll and ask members to put themselves into one of the two categories, I'm fairly certain the results would be well OVER 50% thinking they aren't attractive.

that is what this disease robs from us, our self confidence.....so post a photo, of your cheeks, your chin, whatever, even privately to me if you can't put it up on the site.....I'll give you my honest assessment.

if you read my background, I've battled with cystic acne since high school, and I'm long past that....I've always had scars, worse in college- but I KEPT GOING...so I didn't date as much as others, but I studied, got great grades and a great job.  Guess what?  Employers care more about your brain then your face...

so my point here is, 1) it's much worse to you then to others (just the way it goes) and 2) you need a positive plan, something to work on your active acne if you still have it and a CHEAP way to work on your scars till you can afford more...and you need a life plan, I love what the poster above wrote

but send me that picture, I'll help you honestly evaluate-  and consider yourself virtually hugged!

#3479199 Cystic Zit On My Chin Skin Peeled Off

Posted by mrsrobinson on 27 April 2015 - 06:30 PM

okay everyone thinks they have cystic acne, and they don't

if you truly have a cyst, and an event coming, then go to your Derm (and you KNOW YOU have one if you REALLY have cystic acne) and get an injection of kenalog, and it will be gone in 24 hours.....if it's a cyst that will work

if it's a regular inflamed acne, then try ice, and I like the combo of salicylic acid for a couple minutes, followed by 10% glycolic acid, then followed by mild benzoyl peroxide....but ice it first gently

toothpaste?  I know it works for some, but no way am I putting that on....and just try to leave it alone, do that treatment am and pm....and mineral cover over it during the day

but again, if it's a cyst, go see your derm tomorrow, explain you just need a quick injection and it will be gone in 24 hours   (trust me, I've really battled cystic acne and I've had more injections then I care to count)

#3478870 Opinions Needed

Posted by mrsrobinson on 24 April 2015 - 10:33 AM

that's not bad at all, nothing bright red and glaring...I know it's not a good idea all the time, but if you can get a little sun that always helps me in general, and I'm saying a little not a burn but a glow

good for you to get this started, you are very handsome, you'll be fine!   good luck to you!!!!!

#3477323 Is It Me, Or Do Alot Of The People Who Say That They Have Acne Dont Look Like...

Posted by mrsrobinson on 08 April 2015 - 08:44 AM

and it's all degrees, some people here will have one or two whiteheads and while it's never fun, you think....really????   you'll never scar, and that's your definition of severe acne???


so it bothers everyone for sure, but for those veterans of severe cystic acne, sometimes it's hard to be sympathetic....but yeah I know just what you mean!

#3475575 Hole In Middle Of Forehead

Posted by mrsrobinson on 22 March 2015 - 04:52 PM

not sure what that's from, the rest of your skin and skin tone looks great


i'd look into TCA peels...if you can get it inside the pore, that would be the key...start slow like with a 12.5%

#3473729 Accutane Failure

Posted by mrsrobinson on 05 March 2015 - 11:55 AM

yep failed Accutane- sounds like it DID resolve your jaw and chin cystic acne, so maybe not a complete failure


mine was complete total, ended up far worse, more cysts and a pile of scars...after 7 months and multiple doctors who all said, gee that's odd, should have worked....yeah


so that is not a good feeling-  you come on this board and everyone says yeah it's a miracle, cured, initial breakout for one week oh my god, but they I cleared up and my life has changed, and so on and so on and so on....because it IS a miracle for 95%+


but alas we are in that tiny minority...I have this thing about not complaining, and just doing something, so I kept trying things-  kept a journal of everything and did diet changes, dairy and gluten were big for me, big triggers....and I'm always honing my topicals and other supplements, constantly journaling and tweaking


and I never do anything fast-  I go very slow when adding a new topical or supplement


so for me I just had to keep moving and solve things for myself-  tough when the miracle drug doesn't work for you, very tough

#3473330 Please Help With Acne - 1 Year - Skincare Routine - Pictures Included

Posted by mrsrobinson on 01 March 2015 - 10:05 PM

Ask to have your vitamin d levels checked.  You might be low.  I'm a fan of vitamin c.      Search the boards here about zinc fish oil too.

Fragrance free detergents change pillow case often.  I even use flouride free toothpaste.  

Acne should be hit on several fronts.   And go back to the dermatologist. See what else they can do    

#3472296 Mood Swings

Posted by mrsrobinson on 20 February 2015 - 06:14 AM

and a good friend or a family member, do you have one who has been on the whole journey with you?   someone who can help you get through this?  take you and distract you?


of course if the depression is serious then you must get professional help as soon as possible


chin up, you are on a path that proves miraculous for most- it's a rocky path, but you are doing something positive in your war against acne!


keep us posted and there are always people like me and the others who posted here who are on night and day

#3472209 Good Doctor For Acne Scars In The Midwest? And What Treatment To Seek?

Posted by mrsrobinson on 19 February 2015 - 09:50 AM

rolling scars respond well to derma stamping...I've been at it for years...read up on the owndoc.com forum and educate yourself


I am using a 1.5mm stamp, but built up from 0.5mm when I started...I use either the copper peptide serum from the owndoc.com site or a vitamin C serum, I mix it up a bit...I stamp about every 10 days to 2 weeks...no question the rolling scars have improved


but slow and steady progress, and cheap!


if you have money the fraxel lasers will go faster but there is downtime-  NO downtime from stamping, I do it before I go to bed, next day it's a bit red but I use a mineral cover concealer, but it's just not that bad


good luck to you-  read up and educate yourself and make your plan!

#3471958 Please Help! Suggest A Treatment For My Scars

Posted by mrsrobinson on 17 February 2015 - 09:36 AM

Audis5, take a look at the owndoc.com forum....I'm a big derma stamp fan, it's cheap and it works....


and on this site there are many TCA reviews...I'm getting closer to doing this myself, mixing that in alternate time periods with the stamping


but do read up on needling to soften some of the scars, but I would think TCA cross would be a very big benefit for you


good luck, scars can be improved...just have to find what works for you

Thank you very much!


Do you know where I can possibly look to get that done?

#3471766 Emotional Drainage/life Consumption

Posted by mrsrobinson on 15 February 2015 - 08:59 PM

do me a favor and post a picture....then look through the gallery of other photos


you just have to keep going, try routines for a fair bit of time, and don't give up...keep a journal and keep trying


are you seeing a derm?  


and you have to confide in someone, a family member a close friend, you need someone to lean on and confide in


we all know how you feel...you aren't alone

#3471501 Help Please :(, What Type Of Acne Do I Have And How Do I Fight It. Sorry For...

Posted by mrsrobinson on 13 February 2015 - 10:43 AM

horrible?  I think not, it's not cystic so count your blessings....


have you tried the acne.org regimine?  it's a good one to try if you haven't, you can read about it here on this website


but it looks like the type of acne that would respond well to it...

#3471500 Acne Scars

Posted by mrsrobinson on 13 February 2015 - 10:40 AM

no photos, but from the sounds of it, it sounds mild


look into peels, at a doctor's office if you can afford it....and at home if you can't...mild TCA peels, 15% GO SLOW to start...read up and educate yourself