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In Topic: Feeling Really, Really Low :(

26 March 2015 - 06:06 AM

no doesn't sound like it....gluten is the other big trigger, which is much tougher to give up- no wheat, bread, pasta, pizza


before you do that, I would just focus on eating better in general, no sodas, minimize processed foods and just eat whole foods...and try to limit how much white bread you eat, and white pasta


and sometimes when we've overdone the anitbiotics, when you go off and on it can cause issues....Accutane didn't work for me (and antibiotics failed too before that), sadly after 7 months I had no other options but to look at diet and supplements....so I really cleaned up my diet and eliminated dairy and gluten...but I also did the assault with topicals (BP didn't work for me, does for most...lucky me-  but I do like salicylic acids and glycolic acids...so there are others you can try) and supplements


for me I keep hitting acne on multiple fronts...I get extraction facials, do regular peels, etc...


you just have to find what is right for you...me personally I would avoid antibiotics...but again you need to find what is right for you

In Topic: Feeling Really, Really Low :(

26 March 2015 - 05:11 AM

no that is not severe, not even close.....but I know it makes you crazy, of course it does


that type of acne looks like it would respond well to the regimen here on acne.org.....have you really given benzoyl peroxide a try, as laid out here on the site?


hang in there, and if it's forehead only, look at the labels in your hair care products, make sure you flip that pillow at night, and change the pillow case every other day- wash with dye and fragarence free deteregents too...and if I can talk you into ONE diet change, just one then ditch dairy, completely for 30 days...that works wonders for many


good luck to you, and keep us posted

In Topic: Please Help Needed - Hyper-Pigmentation Or Scarring?

25 March 2015 - 10:52 AM

do you live in the united states?  PDL is pulsed dye laser, it won't mess up your beard (IPL can do that)-  a couple hundred a session and a few sessions would be good


if money is a problem get the AHA from this site, acne.org, and use that....you may also find it helpful for your neck...keep up with the meds and the epiduo that should all help


good luck to you and keep us posted

In Topic: Please Help Needed - Hyper-Pigmentation Or Scarring?

23 March 2015 - 08:09 PM

looks like you've got cystic acne on your neck, and on your face I would say it's just hyperpigmentation...something like an AHA would help, a glycolic acid 10% that you use daily will help...start slow though and make sure it agrees with you


if you have money, I would go for a few PDL laser sessions, that will remove the redness quicker...looks like you don't have a lot of scarring, large pores but not a lot of scarring, just the redness


what are you doing to treat the acne on your neck?

In Topic: Hole In Middle Of Forehead

22 March 2015 - 04:52 PM

not sure what that's from, the rest of your skin and skin tone looks great


i'd look into TCA peels...if you can get it inside the pore, that would be the key...start slow like with a 12.5%