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Blackheads On Nose

03 April 2014 - 11:31 PM

This seems like a good enough place as any to post this since I am oily, and oil = buildup, etc.

My question is, straight up, how do I get rid of blackheads on my nose? I've had them since I was about 12. I do the nose strips, which help - for about a day and then next blackheads. I squeeze and gross stuff comes out but, next day comes back. (I think I read somewhere the black is from the bacteria hitting the air). Maybe I just need to try and reduce the size of my pores.

I don't put any treatment on my nose because it gets flaky on its own, yet it's very oily. Weird.

Suggestions? because I hate them.

Aloe Vera Plant

27 May 2012 - 01:23 PM

Has anyone had any luck using gel from the Aloe Vera plant on your face, or wherever you have acne?

I know it's good for burns, and have heard it helps heal open wounds (which is fairly obvious if it's good for burns), just last night I put a dab on a few scars I have - I didn't wanna put it all over in case I had a reaction or something. I plan on doing this every night, or try to.

If anything I hope it helps me heal up faster.