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#3342994 It's Not All Doom And Gloom :)

Posted by veiledxbeauty on 24 April 2013 - 10:18 AM

Thank you Ibiza, I enjoyed the article. It made me laugh out loud to hear acne being spoken about in such a light-hearted, casual manner. The bullet points on the positive effects of acne reflect everything I've been telling myself (and others) for years, and it's never mattered how bad or good my acne has looked. Like the article says: "Just remember that it can always be worse, but more importantly, it can always get better too. You're in for a long battle. Find ways to cope with it."


I agree, the pics were a little minor, but perhaps the point of the article is that no matter the severity of your acne, the real struggle is in accepting it? At least that's what I garnered from it...:)

#3342985 My Acne Scarring Depression

Posted by veiledxbeauty on 24 April 2013 - 09:48 AM

veiledxbeauty, you asked how this became a question of God's existence or not. Did you read the posts in a chronological order? If so then you know the answer, if you were too lazy then here is the breakdown:1. Jonathan hates his acne and what it has done to his life.2. Coppedsynergy chimed in with well meaning, but ultimately false hope about God.3. I saw the posts a year later and being in a crappy mood decided to tell it how it really is.4. Here we are. Any other questions? Oh, I see that you do...

"Acne is human just as suffering is human. Do we really need an atheist to map this out for us" - You needed an atheist to put paid to the falsehoods of the misguided believer, just in case Jonathan actually believed it and then went on to perpetuate the misery of existence.

"Also, this guy only made one post A YEAR AGO." - Which I just saw a couple of days ago. I've noted this already. Sorry, is there a time limit on the internet for human suffering and for pointing out others are wrong? I didn't get the memo.

"Perhaps his acne has cleared and he is now living a full and happy life...or perhaps not. " - I truly hope he has.

"My question has never been "why God allows us to suffer", but rather why it takes so long for human beings to GET OVER their suffering and think of another's instead?" - Are the two distinct? Suffering is suffering. You have yours and I have mine, but they still come under the same umbrella known as 'pain'. The whole point of my post to PREVENT ALL POSSIBLE FUTURE SUFFERING and I did so with what I think is irrefutable logic. No life = no suffering.


Ok, I'm out of here and won't be back. If any of you truly care about others like you purport you do then do NOT ever have children, for if you do then we will know that you were lying. Take care and may your death be quick and painless.

How can you claim to be looking out for the well-being of Johnathan if you yourself have given up on life entirely? By the way, this is a rhetorical question, meant to irritate you and satiate my need to be heard, as I presume has been your motivation in writing this load of jibberish. I mean seriously, what is the point in trying to dissuade someone from believing out of faith in something greater than themselves? Answer: there is no point, only arrogance and cold resolve on your part. Sure, talk yourself into your miserable little hole of hopelessness, but leave the rest of us who are suffering out of it. You are a prime example of Misery loving it's company. Your so called logic is no more than your own lack of worth projecting itself into the emptiness you've carved around you. Just because you can't see it doesn't mean other's cannot. I think what irritates you the most is that people can be happy despite their suffering and find solace in something that no human mind can possibly wrap it's head around (and yes, it actually projects that in the bible, so it's not misleading people). I would pity you were it not for your efforts to drag other's down with you, but being arrogant in persuasion I'm sure you'd scoff at any attempt to love you as you are. You must be a sad creature to behold.


[BTW, the two types of suffering are distinct because they can be dealt with from different perspectives. We have a choice in the matter. For instance, I can choose to suffer within the reality I've been dealt OR I can choose to think of another's suffering and alleviate it by giving of my time and resources and compassion, therefore no longer focusing all of my thoughts on my own dire needs, instead allowing someone else to do the same for me. People are prone to love those who let themselves be loved; suffering opens a door through which many find common ground.

So, the answer isn't "no life=no suffering", but rather suffering=humility=understanding=compassion=love=life. Obviously you never worked past the suffering bit oh-wise-and-mighty think-tank. Now who's lazy..]

#3334046 (How Acne Affected My Life) & I Want To Believe That I Can Live With My A...

Posted by veiledxbeauty on 17 March 2013 - 11:26 AM

Hello fellow embarrassed girl,

I just wanted to let you know that you have been lied to your whole life. Yes, lied to; popular media, health and beauty ad's, people's expectation's, society, etc. Beauty isn't something that can be put on and taken off or diminished with physical flaws, and anyone who tells you differently, including your friends and family, are shallow, misguided people. If acne affects the way they love you, they're not worth a thought.


Some of the most beautiful people I've ever known have faces like rock slides. They're not considered physically appealing in any sense, but their beautiful spirit and soft heart for people make them worth noting. If I could, I'd surround myself all day long with people like this. Not a bunch of idolized actors and actresses with "perfect" looking skin, constantly under public scrutiny.


You have an opportunity to transform into something really, truly beautiful and it's literally staring you in the face. You can either choose to be humbled by your experience with acne and learn how to love and function without your good looks...or you can fight the change to become merely acceptable in the shallow eyes of those around you. It's a surrendering, really. I'm not saying it'll be easy, but nothing worth having ever is. Hang in there luv. wink.png

#3327197 Need Help - Hormonal?

Posted by veiledxbeauty on 16 February 2013 - 11:05 AM

Hello g14! Well, it looks like you have both marks left by acne and active lesions. I would treat the active over the inactive to prevent further damage and possible scarring. I know it's really hard to have to look at the marks left over, but you must take care of the root problem first if you're going to see lasting results. grinwink.gif

If you haven't already, I would stop using irritating lemon juice to treat; your skin looks dry and inflamed at present, and lemon juice will only prolong it. Do you currently use a cleanser? If not, I would find a very gentle formulation so as not to irritate your breakout. I use CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser in the winter and CeraVe Foaming Cleanser in the summer for the different climates. They work excellently in conjunction with Sulfur treatments and/or low percentages of Salicylic Acid or Benzoyl Peroxide (though from experience, B.P. can actually prolong acne marks on darker/more sensitive skin types). It all depends on what you find your skin can handle without becoming sensitized.

Remember: less trauma=calmer skin.


Now, for treatment of your red marks, which should presumably lessen with the treatment of your acne, I have used chemical peels, which can be done at home or at a Dermatologist's office (at home is SO much less expensive). Keep in mind though: chemical peels tend to "push out" any acne that has remained under the skin, so treating your acne over the marks first and foremost is recommended. If chemical peels aren't for you, there are many other topical methods of treatment mentioned on this site. You could even leave them alone and let them heal in their own good time! I hope this helps you! I know how annoying and painful breakouts like these can be. Hang in there...smile.png