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27 March 2011 - 07:56 AM

I walked past some students yesterday who were just chilling on the grass in the sunshine and I was very jelous because I can't do that - I got pretty severe scarring on my neck and temples so I need to avoid sunlight whenever possible.
Sometimes when i'm walking to places I cross over the road to avoid the sunlight and get back into the shadows, I really just wanna walk along the road and wear nothing but a t-shirt and sunglasses but i can't and it really annoys me.
I see these people take this shit for granted and then complain about other stuff.

Sometimes I even wait until 6pm for the sun to go down before i go to the store because I can then avoid that evil light, don't get me wrong i fucking love sunshine and would love to just go to the park and lay on the grass like I used to.

also since i been spending alot of time inside over the past 2 years I've been lifting pretty hard and I'm getting a pretty nice body and I would love to show it off. I havn't taken my top off for fucking 4 years, noone has even seen my torso.
I like winter because there isn't as much sunshine.
I feel more secure when i have more cloths on because people can see less of me, this is what I usually wear.

Tshirt, shirt ontop, open hoody ontop, leather jacket ontop, + hat and sunglasses.
I used to wear just t-shirts but now i don't have the confidence t odo that
I find it hard to relate to what other people are talking about because i don't go out much (atall).

Just whats on my mind,