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Anti-Aging Products That Don't Promote Acne?

Yesterday, 11:36 AM

I'm at that "magical" age at which I want to start using an anti-aging product. Problem is, every product I see either is labeled as a "cream," or the packaging makes no mention of it being non-acnegenic/hypoallergenic.


I've read positive reviews about the Olay Regenerist product line but don't know that it would work for someone who's skin develops cysts/nodules. If anyone's tried a specific product in this line, or any other anti-aging product that's worked well for you, please, share it. :)


My main concern for now is my under-eye and forehead areas; I'm not brave enough to slap an anti-aging product on the rest of my face just yet, when I don't know how it might affect my skin, much less how it might interact with my acne medications.



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Can Retin-A Micro Prevent Scarring From Cysts/nodules?

24 January 2015 - 03:06 PM

Can Retin-A Micro--or the generic version--prevent scarring from cysts/nodules, especially those that already have surfaced? (By scarring, I'm talking about real damage to the skin--i.e., indentations.)



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Terrified To Stop Loestrin (Now Minastrin) Due To Possible Side Effects....

22 January 2015 - 12:47 PM

Is there a known way to help balance one's hormones, especially after you stop taking the Pill--especially a high-androgen one?


I just have learned that Minastrin--formerly Loestrin 24 Fe--is a high-androgen pill and can cause hair loss, either during treatment or once it's stopped. (I read of a woman who's spent $5K trying to save her hair after stopping Minastrin caused her serious hair loss.)


I'm scared to stop taking it, as I'm certain to experience greatly increased oiliness and nudulocystic acne. (I once stopped taking it--possibly another brand at that time--for 9 months. Six of those months were spent battling increased oil and cysts.)


I also suffer from Sebaceous Hyperplasia, which causes permanent, whitish bumps that look a bit like little whiteheads. Since the skin's oil production is part of that problem, I fear stopping the Pill will greatly exacerbate it. sad.png


I'm 38 and have been on the Pill since age twenty-two. I've been on Minastrin/Loestrin for at least 7 years. And now that I think about it, the amount of hair on my head is much less than what I once had; so I'm that much more scared to stop taking it--even though I know I ought stop it for health reasons.


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Products To Keep A Cyst/nodule From Scarring?

19 January 2015 - 12:19 PM

I tend to develop (indented) scarring from cysts/nodules that I don't even pick at or squeeze. Is there any trick/product/supplement that anyone has found to help prevent scarring from cysts/nodules, especially those that make it to the skin's surface before you can put ice on it?



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What Form(S) Of Dairy Can Your Body Tolerate?

31 December 2014 - 08:19 AM

I shy away from all "heavy" forms of dairy--meaning I don't eat ice-cream, snack on cheese, have milk with cereal, etc. The only form of dairy that I consume is whatever may be contained within some chocolate and/or certain medications. (I don't go out of my way to eat gobs of milk chocolate, as I've grown accustomed to dark chocolate, anyway.)


I'm wondering what form(s) of dairy I may consider trying. I know that low-fat and 1% milk are ruled out, due to the hormone issue. (It's possible that I couldn't handle 2%, either, and I'm not certain how easy it is to find whole milk these days.) But if you've had success with tolerating some form of dairy--even if goat's milk, etc.--please, let me know.



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