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In Topic: Exposed Skincare Product Line... Any Good?

Today, 08:04 AM

Doesn't work and damages your face.


So the moral of the story is that any OTC product that makes big promises isn't likely to help people--at least not long-term and definitely not people with nodulocystic acne. :/

In Topic: Oral Vs. Injectable Vit. B12: Breakout Risk?

Yesterday, 07:44 PM

The injections go into a deep muscle that are absorbed overtime, but not directly into the blood stream. 


...You will not know until you have the injection. You can form an allergy to such things over time through antigen-antibody reactions. So there is no way to tell this time until you have the shot.


I do not know the answer about b12 and the effects of acne in the digestive process. All that i can see relevant is that most b vitamins aid in metabolism. Metabolism can be increased with b vitamins; the breaking down of fat molecules to fuel the desire for more energy can release toxins stored by fat therefore potentially causing acne. I experienced this when i ran a lot. I lost weight and notice my acne was worse until my weight stabilized.


I never went beyond four injections in the past but may not have a choice this time; I believe many of my health symptoms--such as long-term fatigue--are the result of my Vit. B12 deficiency. So I guess that I must brave more injections, taking my chances that I won't experience a serious breakout from them.


Thank you, btw, for sharing info. on B vitamins breaking down fat molecules, thereby releasing toxins stored in fat. It makes sense that such a process could lead to more acne. In my case, too high of B vitamins--along with digestive enzymes--cause me cysts/nodules, so I'm scared to take just about anything other than a multi-vitamin.

In Topic: Exposed Skincare Product Line... Any Good?

16 April 2014 - 06:17 PM

I just am not responding well to Salicylic Acid anymore... I heard alot of stories of this stuff clearing cystic acne, but i have never seen it.


I've not heard of any topical treatment that prevents cystic acne. :( I recently asked my physician's asst.--who works in a dermatology office--if retinoids help prevent cysts/nodules, or if they at least help heals breakouts faster; she said, "Not really." Ugh.


All I know is that I'm not willing to go back to antibiotics; I've messed up my body enough by being on/off them for years.



However i would highly recomend the moistorizer again.


I'll consider it for future reference. Currently, I've two big bottles of DML Lotion that I need to use up, which will take a while.

In Topic: Exposed Skincare Product Line... Any Good?

16 April 2014 - 01:37 PM

Yea I have it.... Was on it for about a month, im probably going to stop soon. Honestly the product worked decent for my acne and I didnt get to dry. However the basic kit has a shit ton of sylcylic acid, and I think that might be making my face red. I thought it would lessen but im not so sure... It could work for you I know amazon had some good reviews on it. It mixes BP, sylcylic acid and awhole bunch of other stuff. Dude though honestly though they have the best moistorizer ever.......... Like even if there kit doesn't work for you im telling you they did something right with the moistorizer.... Anyways i had moderate acne no cysts just really inflammed.


Knowing that it contains BP kind of sours me on the idea of trying it; I know that stuff can age the skin, and I'm at an age at which I don't need that problem added to my acne woes.  ;)


I believe I read that it contains 1% Salicylic acid (SA), which is the amount that I'd like to try. (I currently just apply Clean & Clear's toner for sensitive skin, which has 0.5% SA.) But there's no need for me to purchase an entire acne kit in order to get that amount of SA; there are other products--albeit kind of pricey ones--that have it.

In Topic: What Supplements Normalize Sebum?

15 April 2014 - 06:34 AM


Vitamin C does for me. I have no idea why, though.


Do you mean that Vit. C makes you feel sick to your stomach, or that it helps with your skin's sebum production (in terms of making you break out less)?


It reduces the amount of oil my skin produces.


That's really interesting. I haven't noticed it do the same for me, but it does reduce the inflammation I've had from more superficial acne. It's not done a thing for any cyst or nodule I've ever had, though. :(