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Lumenis Ultrapulse Carbon Dioxide Laser

27 December 2014 - 02:10 PM

Lumenis Ultrapulse carbon dioxide laser - just done some research on laser re-surfacing because after a year or two post accutane (so 2016) i may consider it. 


This laser looks great from the results i have witnessed on youtube - just look at how it saved an acid burns victim what are peoples thoughts. has anyone had experience with this type of laser?




How Long After Accutane To Use Aha Etc

26 December 2014 - 04:51 PM

As per title, what is the correct length of time to wait after a treatment of Accutane before you can start to correct the post inflammatory hyper pigmentation and scars with AHA etc?



Accutane Low Does - Scars

04 July 2014 - 12:35 PM

Hey guys, quickly (will write more later)


does accutane heal up minor, very shallow indentations (atrophic) scarring? My face has an uneven/red texture in the cheeks (largely) due to years of acne and an unfortunate habit of picking :( (very sad) 


i am now on 20mg and want to end this persistent acne situation. I'd just also like to know, will the accutane renew the skins surface and fade out the scars?

Differin Gel/cream

15 February 2014 - 04:26 PM

Looked on the Differin website and all i can see if Differin O.3 Gel... 


do they still make the cream?

what are the differences?


and does anyone know of a Differin log with pictures and success ?