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#3470786 Post Accutane Scars

Posted by .JacktheLad. on 07 February 2015 - 12:02 PM

i don't think yours are that bad tbh with you Nicholas and believe me I don't lie to anyone I am not here to make people feel good. I just like helping people who need it. 


I think derma rolling would help you to smooth out the cheeks most certainly, your forehead looks *perfect in my eyes as does other areas of the skin and generally the colour is even so it looks uniform.


So I don't think you need to worry too much on that note. It could be a hell of a lot worse! believe me.  Just looks like the cheeks got a bit scarred here and there and the redness needs to die down, agree? 


So yeah i don't think your family are lying to you, but I DO know how you feel. I also think people don't analyse it in the same way you or I would on our own in the mirror at really close proximity.  


Did you have any scarring before the drug? I am interested to know wether the drug caused them for you or if they were there before. 


My scars are not deep luckily, but there are lots of them, red marks and small rolling scars on my left cheek mainly. Two obvious indents on my forehead which are pink/brown as well and about 5 or 6 semi-permanent red marks that are not seemingly fading.  


Every new spot I get leaves textural changes even when I don't touch it at all, where as before accutane this never ever happened. only if i picked them really hard. Honestly redness would be gone in 24 hours before accutane, and spots wouldn't leave a lingering mark or indents. 


This is what i was totally unaware of, the skin changes not just side effects, i.e permanent thin skin, weakness and prone to marks and scars. I even broke out with folliculitus after I stopped the drug. Just wish wish wish i hadn't done it.. but you can only go forwards. 


I truly wish I had my old skin back and just found the key to the acne and blitz my body with an anti cancer drug... i feel crazy that i did it! 


I hope in time the skin will become as good as it can be again, but i think for now its about concentrating on good diet and putting weight back on, adding weight can also pad out the scars. 


But from all my past and recent research the best method (after a long time off tane) is to derma roll. I am trying to find examples of people who have had success with derma rolling after a course of accutane at any point in their lives because clearly we wouldnt want to damage it further. The whole point of derma rolling is to induce a damaging effect to ramp up the bodies natural healing capacity through collagen regeneration. 



so yeah :/

#3468744 Acne Not A Puzzle Anymore.

Posted by .JacktheLad. on 20 January 2015 - 03:06 PM

pretty awesome post. Might look into this actually although I did 4.5 months of accutane so dont know how long I have to wait before being able to 

#3458119 First Time Roaccutane User Support Needed!

Posted by .JacktheLad. on 30 October 2014 - 04:58 AM

Hi emma, thanks for the reply. 


wish you all the best on your journey, for me i am not sure if it was worth it tbh, there are just too many what if's in my case that i am not comfortable with. 

I may try aloe vera, just i want my body to repair itself with no intervention. I think thats the key message I have learnt (for me) is that my body is darn good at repairing itself, and i feel naive to have been on medication that compromises that.  But at the same time, when you reach breaking point and nothing seems to work... 
I learnt that for me, it wasn't just about the spots, it was about how and what i think of them and they way they affect my mood. I have learned that having them is *ok* and normal.. there are worse things in life. truly. 
now, if Accutane had been all roses for me, no doubt i'd be singing its praises. Don't get me wrong it cleared my back up, my back feels baby butt smooth. my clogs under the eyes around the nose disappeared within a matter of weeks. the only gripe i have is some scarring, and the delay healing time. So hoping these clear up asap. 
Even now it would be hard for me to advise someone in a similar position as me not to try accutane for the very reason that it could help tremendously as it does in many many many people.. 
if i was advising someone with more severe acne, i'd say do it 100% and get on a high dose proportionate to your body weight per kg.  I dont think accutane is something you want to drag out longer than need be because the skin wont heal as well whilst on it. hit it hard and fast, if your body can tollerate it and get off it and allow the body to repair itself, even though i have stopped for 2 days (today being day 2) i have had 2 spots come up, one of which has lingered on my face for 6 months at least, so at least now it can come to a head and be gone.  I really think 369 help a lot at changing ones sebum viscosity 
Hi, thanks for sharing.  I know that feeling of being fed up.  Seems like your pal had great results! how is she doing now in terms of health? joints ok? has the oil returned? (btw people oil is not the enemy, oil is good its your bodies own way of protecting itself.. what is the problem however is how the body excretes this and how the skin talks to the oil glands and skin shedding keratinisation process at a base level). 
It sounds to me like these bumps are appearing from the rough drying affects accutane has on the skin, sort of like KP. Are these bumps filled with pus or just bumps? I don't think you started getting bumps because you missed some doses.  Its just the effect it can have on some people.. but yes the accumulative amount is important with this drug. 
Not sure if you are from the UK but get hold of Blistex Intensive moisturiser. that was the only thing that healed my cracked lips. The healing time isnt odd, its what the medication does, it slows the healing rate down, so your friend was a match made in heaven if thats the results she got! 
the scarring, do you mean red marks or do you mean indentations and atrophic scars? the skin overall should actually get better once off the accutane because the bodies natural healing process comes back into full swing. 
I agree with your final paragraph. 
good luck! 

either way everyone has come to this decision for a personal reason and as long as you stand by that personal reason and truly feel this is the only option then thats great, no regrets. 

#3457062 How I Cured My Acne (W/o Drugs)

Posted by .JacktheLad. on 22 October 2014 - 02:04 PM

Nice post it is very true.


It does make sense, for me diet changes helped a lot especially after long courses of anti biotics when I was in my early 20's. But since about the age of 23 years old, I haven't been able to completely stop the spots from coming even with great diet and exercise. Sure its looked clear, but then its also broke out at the most inconvenient of times, meaning my social and family life has suffered because of how it effects my mental state so much. Plus I was a picker..  


I think my acne is hormone related, as when I work out hard, I get spots, same as a day or so after sex. 


Looking at when I broke out quite badly was particularly around the time I started drinking milk to bulk up more. On this note, I did cut out dairy years and years ago, it helped greatly but now I am extremely lactose intolerant.. I think i have always been mildly intolerant too. 


For me, after Accutane i am going to do all that i can to get back to full health internally and externally. And most importantly i've accepted it, it doesnt get me down as much now, but of course i'd love to be clear for good! who wouldn't...  


Overflood, what do you think about this http://www.lifeplus....ct-details/4471 an acne.orger sent me this years ago and said he cleared up 3 months into it. Only now does it make complete sense.. 


I am thinking about supplementing with omega 3 6 9 whilst on accutane and probably vit D as well.  I'd like to take the full multivitamin whilst on the tane but not sure if i can or not. 

#3456918 First Time Roaccutane User Support Needed!

Posted by .JacktheLad. on 21 October 2014 - 02:21 PM

day 116 @20mg. broken out on my left cheek and right cheek. two painful ones on the left cheek, not sure why.. and the right upper cheek was a massive white head, which drained on its own and then the matter that got left inside became hard and formed a plug. I pushed it out very very gently and i think it can heal up now. When i say pushed, i literally mean it was defying gravity hanging out of my cheek, i push down either side with my little fingers and the slight pressure displaced the hard grain matter, which contain a small beard hair. 


drinking 3 litres of water a day. Still getting slight head aches around 6pm time that last for a fair while... going to speak to the derm tomorrow about it.  


which cetaphil did you try emma? the lotion? how much did you apply? perhaps as your skin changes you may go back to using it again. but glad you find the clinque one really good.

#3456450 First Time Roaccutane User Support Needed!

Posted by .JacktheLad. on 17 October 2014 - 03:38 PM

Hey emma.


so are you wanting to do a long term low dose or? 


Yep same thing happened to me, dry lips and skin peeling off rapidly on them. 


As you deeper into your tane journey yourll notice that the nivea chapstick wont do much, so pick up one called blistex intensive lip balm (think its something like that). works so well. When my lips have cracked and are bleeding, its been the only thing to heal it completely up. i'd also advise against using sudocrem now. Just stick with gentle wash and moisturiser and the accutane. ps have you given the cleansing with moisturiser a go yet? 

Why going to sleep at 8pm? because of the aching?

Keep going, doing great. 



#3456267 First Time Roaccutane User Support Needed!

Posted by .JacktheLad. on 16 October 2014 - 10:45 AM

Accutane or no Accutane, you'd do best to leave it alone. Never a good idea to force a zit before it's ready. Some clogs stay under the skin, get inflamed again and eventually resolve themselves when they come to a head and you can expel the clog, others do go away on their own if you do nothing. No rhyme or reason to it, I'm afraid.


seems like a bit of a contradiction there! > you're saying some stay under the skin (forever?) some inflame and eventually resolve themselves, or when they come to a head you can expel the clog... i.e squeeze? 


basically i left this one alone and the white tip came out or went down during a warm shower. I was tempted to expel the content of this one, but just thought i'd leave it for once so not to cause a scar (indentation) etc.  


i'm wondering what to do if by the time i have been through Accutane that they may still be holding on...   


it does seem as though they are coming out here and there one by one. i'd say over the past week or so about 4-5 have come out! requiring a rub or just a gentle scratch before it eases out.. 


still have a cluster of them on my forehead though. I hope they resolve themselves,....  

#3456083 First Time Roaccutane User Support Needed!

Posted by .JacktheLad. on 15 October 2014 - 09:43 AM

Yeah you wont even need to cleanse, what you should do is use the moisturiser (cetaphil lotion i am referring too here) to remove the make up and grime. Oil removes make up very well. after you have cleansed with the moisturiser then use the cleanser. see how you go! 


Don't use any form of wash cloth whilst on accutane, the skin is really super sensitive. I took some sticky elastic tape off my shoulder from the physio and it took my skin off... 


deffo something to ask your derm about the hormone stuff. not sure how good they will be on the topic though. Are you from the UK or US?


Thats interesting that the 3 6 9 has reduced your inflammation and cyst! the more I hear about this the more I truly believe it is to do with the acid fat profile. 


I think you should check the hormones out, because if those are out of sync i suppose my concern would be that it could return soon after treatment?




#3455966 Ideas For My Pockmark Treatment? (Pictures)

Posted by .JacktheLad. on 14 October 2014 - 03:46 PM

your skin is amazing! wow.. 


poreless! have you looked into copper peptides and derma stamp? tbh with 95% of you other skin being that good... you are so lucky 


you should stop zooming in if possible. stand 3 4 feet away from a mirror, i bet you cant even notice! a girl at my gym has a mark like yours, bigger too. I thought she was still cute and attractive. 


try to zoom out and look at the bigger picture, are you really defined by such a small mark? 

#3455952 Someone To Talk To:(

Posted by .JacktheLad. on 14 October 2014 - 12:42 PM

hey, sorry people have made comments! thats so hurtful. 


you have only suffered with it for 2 months? give us more info. i am sure we can help. you may notice i have been on this board for rather a long time

#3415925 Tca And Derma Stamp Before And After Pics Included. Warning? Advice?

Posted by .JacktheLad. on 22 February 2014 - 08:27 AM

oh ok, hmm, its a bit odd that they merged, but as you say its because they were close together. this must also mean the the skin is dissolving in thickness for this to happen (logically?) so with that in mind, i would guess that over time the whole area will become the same depth and thus show a reduction in the indentations? 


what do you think? what has your derm said]


just did some googling, because i too have some minor ice pick atrophic scars from skin picking. And here is a good thread http://www.acne.org/...-for-ice-picks/


photos are on page 18. it seems this maria girl had very good results. see what you can dig out of that thread thats useful and regurgitate it here  

#3374768 Fading Dark Marks (Aka Pih)

Posted by .JacktheLad. on 14 August 2013 - 12:20 PM

sounds like you are doing the right things. Let it heal naturally, then start using a product containing AHA's i think they could help. Read into it though, dont just go and do it because i mentioned it

#3374309 Are These Scars Or Just Red Marks?

Posted by .JacktheLad. on 13 August 2013 - 08:45 AM

I think a couple are atrophic scars (rolling) as in they are depressed very slightly. however I think you have a lot of red hyper pigmentation, that will fade provided you no longer break out in those areas.  


what can be done about atrophic scars? well this is an on going debate, there are lots of methods but a lot of controversy around the risks versus benefits. such as dermarolling, dermastamp, lasers, acid peels, airgent, subcision, etc 


what can be done about hyper-pigmentation - time. the skin will heal in its own time. but to speed up things, AHA can help speed up the skin renewal process. Retin-a and other retinoids may help also. 

#3374303 Good Results With Msm Cream For Indented Scars

Posted by .JacktheLad. on 13 August 2013 - 08:28 AM

Guys guys calm down, we are all here to help one another correct? 


You don't have to take anyones word for anything - if you want to try it out "these home natural things' then thats fine, if not you don't have to! 


I actually break out from using olive oil on my skin, so I can say without doubt that the avocado and olive oil will not work for me. 


I wouldn't use lasers either as they seem too risky in my eyes for the light scaring and hyperpigmentation that I personally have.


I am very intrigued with the derma stamp and roller though, has anyone here got any before and after pics with it? or know of any links on this site of people who could?


I am from the UK and so after watching that BBC3 documentary 'dying for clear skin' I am wishing to go and visit the DMK clinic in London and get some professional advice

#2817503 you know its bad when..

Posted by .JacktheLad. on 23 February 2010 - 02:46 AM

when it makes you late for work, you start to live in your house a lot more and dont want to leave.

when you become obsessed with your face, but no amount of squeezing or picking or creams will help