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Calming Down A Red Hot Face

04 January 2013 - 06:15 AM

Every morning I wake to find a new red spot or bump on my face.  Some are located in your typical rosacea areas (center of cheeks) but  most of the time they are on the sides of my face (inside of cheek area) and jawline (close to neckline).  Most of the time they are flat and never really go away just fade to slight pink.  They will then flare up red and its basically the same ones each time.  Each morning my face is worse for some reason.  It used to be the calmest time of day but it is slowly turning into the worst.  Its red and  blotchy everywhere and then I will spot cover with makeup and it will only slightly fade.  At night after I wash they're back again.  What treatments is everyone using to help rosacea topically or internally that have helped?  When I tell you I've tried them all, I'm not kidding. Ive done regular derms, holistic, accupuncture, ayurvedic, perscription meds, low dose accutane, finacea, doxy, oracea and I currently take good supplements.  I dont know how to combat the inflammation anymore.  I looked into green tea as a toner and it was too dry. Ive tried niacinamide supplements and topically.  Short of cortisone, I dont know what to do?

Spiro For Seborrheic Dermatitis?

28 November 2012 - 07:29 PM

has anyone used spiro to help alleviate symptoms of sebhorrheic dermatits on their face?  I cant get anything to work on my scaling dry congessted skin.  I believe its all a yeast overgrowth and was wondering if spiro works to make oi less and in turn the yeast have less to thrive on.