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Done with it.

30 August 2010 - 04:35 PM

Well, I just got prescribed Accutane about two hours ago, and just took the first pill. My acne isn't too bad, but I do get the occasional cyst which made my dermatologist prescribe me Accutane. Its funny because I used to have terrible mild/moderate acne, but Finacea cleared everything up besides the cysts. Currently, I have no actives on my face, besides a cyst that is in the process of going down. Ill try to update this log every few days, but don't hold me to it, i'm not exactly the best at keeping up with a log eusa_shifty.gif  A few questions I have for all of you post/current Accutane orgers.

Favorite moisturizer?

Favorite chap stick? My skin seems very sensitive to what chap stick I use, and 99% of the time I breakout around the mouth area after applying blistex because it clogs the pores around my mouth.

How long did your initial breakout last?

What exactly happens to the blackheads? I don't have many, but was curious to see what your input on it was. I have only heard that they "fall out"

I'm sure ill have more later on, but thats all for now. Thanks in advance!

BTW im on 30mg of Claravis a day.

A dermatologist view on shaving...

29 June 2010 - 09:48 PM

I went to my dermatologist a few days ago, and while I was there I asked him about shaving. He said an electric shaver won't give me a completely clean cut shave (obvious), but a razor will. I told him about using the cleanser to shave with, and he thought that would be somewhat irritating. When I brought up shaving cream, he kept referring to the fact "its only on your face for a minute" What he told me to do was to shave after I take a shower when my skin is supple. After showering, I wet my face with warm water, apply the shaving cream, and shave with the grain. After, I rinse my face, then use purpose face wash. I have been using Edge shaving cream for sensitive skin, and I have not broken out. I feel like washing my face after my face is a lot better than doing it before, because I can remove any excess shaving cream. Also, it is so much easier to use shaving cream to shave than any cleanser, its just plain uncomfortable to use a cleanser in place of shaving cream! Not to mention, for me, IRRITATING! eusa_naughty.gif


13 June 2010 - 07:04 PM

Just got a PM from "butterflycovergirl" stating

Did you know that another website has you on blast for being a "Bad" Parent?
here is the link I was here last night and recognized your face today on that site!

I'm not a parent.....
You didn't post a link.......