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No Probiotics For Months--Totally Clear!

12 June 2013 - 01:17 PM

Hey guys, just thought I'd share this for those who haven't been following my case.


I'm now 100 percent clear and have been for a long time. I am on the regimen, which helps a lot, but it isn't only that. It's avoiding probiotics and fermented foods. I've been eating this stuff (kimchi) for years thinking that it's important to put "good bacteria" in my gut. As it turns out, that was majorly doing me in. In hindsight, I realized that I was eating something fermented all of the time my acne was really bad. At first it was just kimchi, but then as I got more focused on healing my skin naturally, I got on the path of bombarding my system with probiotics, which was advised to me here. (bad advice, although I'm sure the person had good intentions)


I can't stress enough that you should be very, VERY careful about probiotics and especially fermented foods. My cystic acne got worse and worse and I constantly felt sick and aggravated and depressed. At the time I was taking a probiotic supplement, eating multiple servings of kimchi, sauerkraut and water kefir every day. Do you have any idea how harsh that was on my stomach?

When I started the regimen, I was still eating some sauerkraut and kimchi. The regimen helped, but I was still breaking out like clockwork 1-3 cysts a week, and more around my period and ovulation time. I always thought hormones were to blame. NOPE! Do you know how I know? Because I stopped everything that could possibly have bacteria and I got totally clear! Just to make sure that it wasn't odd timing and actually the regimen clearing me, I tested probiotic foods on multiple occasions with a few weeks in between each test. Without fail, every time something probiotic went into my stomach, I developed fresh cystic acne (after being totally clear) within an hour of ingestion. Sometimes within minutes. DESPITE being on the regimen. Which clearly proves that it wasn't just the regimen clearing me.


The best part? I NO LONGER GET HORMONAL ACNE! :D I have no idea how this works, but apparently hormonal acne that appears before your period or around ovulation can be triggered by something else. I don't break out at all anymore, even around those times! I don't even break out from stress anymore, and when I do get the occasional random pimple for whatever reason, it's nothing (not cystic) and it's usually gone within 48 hours. I used to get HUGE cystic acne that would last for weeks if not months. I wanted to share this for those who feel hopeless about their "hormonal" acne. It may be flared by hormones, but it's probably being triggered by something else. I'm not saying it's necessarily dietary, but you don't just get hormonal acne for no reason.


Of course, being on the regimen does help, but I honestly think it's just an aiding factor that makes my skin less prone to breakouts and not what actually cleared me. If it was, I wouldn't break out immediately from probiotic foods or other dietary triggers, no? If it was all the regimen, I should be able to eat whatever I want and remain clear, but I can't. Or maybe there are multiple types of acne, "regular" acne (which the regimen clears) and then the deep, cystic, hormonal or allergic reaction type acne I was getting from probiotics.


I just want to throw this out there because there is SO much promotion of these fermented foods around here and it definitely is NOT healthy for everyone. I highly urge anyone who is dealing with really violent cystic acne to try removing these things from your diet. It's not like these are delicious or important food items, or entire food groups that you will be missing out on. It takes a lot of work to ferment your own food anyway. If you are bombarding your system with bacteria in the name of health and still seeing bad acne, stop it! You might be doing yourself in.


For the record, I now eat pretty normally. Lots of rice, pasta (gluten free), salads, curries, stir fry, veggies, meats, eggs, even chocolate! I can even eat small amounts of some of my trigger foods like corn if I limit it to one or two servings only. I'm healing from the eating disorder I gave myself in the name of trying to get clear skin. I'm starting to feel like a normal human being again. How amazing is that? :)


Hope this helps someone. Love to all you guys. <3

Is It Possible To Need More Than The Recommended Amount Of Bp?

24 March 2013 - 10:28 AM

I've been using a full finger's amount for a while now. No redness or irritation anymore, but something is happening that happened the last two times I did the regimen: it's like the full-finger's worth isn't enough. I don't even have to rub it in hardly. I spread it around my skin and it's like my skin just instantly absorbs it. It's difficult to even spread it around and get it everywhere on my skin because there just isn't enough. I can't even imagine rubbing it into my skin for MINUTES like he recommends in the videos because it's literally gone after like 10 seconds.


Is it possible that some of us could need more? Like a finger and a half's worth? I considered the fact that I'm a girl and I have petite little hands. Dan's hands are probably twice as big as mine. So could a "finger's worth" for him be not enough for me? Can your skin get so used to BP that a finger's worth stops working? I think I was doing a finger and a half's worth when I did the regimen before but I'm not sure.


Using Dan's gel, btw. Just so there's no confusion.


Skin 79 Bb Cream Review

02 March 2013 - 12:56 PM

Hey guys, I just did a new blog on a product I really like and I thought I'd share it with the cosmetic section.




:) Enjoy. And if you use this stuff, let me know what you think!

Wtf! I Looked Back In My Journal...

08 February 2013 - 12:36 PM

....And I feel like an idiot.


I've kept a private livejournal for about 10 years now. I mostly use it to vent and get my feelings out and I don't look back and read it very often. But last night, I had the thought that I should look back and figure out when exactly this severe acne/body dysmorphia stuff started taking over my life.


See, when I remember my life from 2-3 years ago, I don't recall ANY of this. I did not have perfect skin and my acne has always played some role in my life, but I absolutely, in no way shape or form remember being upset, suicidal, panicked, constantly worried, or afraid to leave the house. I don't remember my skin being a big preoccupation in my mind. In fact, I didn't even visit acne.org for over a year at one point... I do not remember spending hours staring in the mirror and analyzing my skin, nor do I remember it taking an hour to put my foundation on and cover all my zits. Not since years before, when I started the regimen the second time after a period of the worst acne of my life (before I was gluten free). So this tells me that for years, the regimen (Dan's BP) must have been working for me).


I couldn't remember exactly when or why I stopped using it, which is why I wanted to look back and read my journal entries. But I knew  one thing: I wouldn't have felt compelled to stop if my skin wasn't doing good, acne-wise. I would have been to scared. So I must have had (relatively) clear skin. I did still breakout if I ate gluten accidentally or some other allergy foods, but that didn't happen often.


So anyways, I read through a lot of the entries from 2011 and the first half of 2012 and there wasn't ONE mention of my acne. I know myself, and had my acne been bothering me, I would have mentioned it in my journal. Then I finally get to an entry from April 12, 2012. I talk about how I'm sick of being on BP and am going to embrace the all natural path, starting that day.


(Okay, this is the maddening part that makes me feel like an idiot... *drumroll*... lol)


The next entry is from the following Saturday. The 14th. TWO DAYS LATER. Guess what it's about? How I'm having TERRIBLE BREAKOUTS and I'm so upset about it. Two days after quitting the BP. And do you know what I did? I immediately began talking about how it must have been something in my diet and began cutting out foods.


*world's longest sigh*


Was I THAT in denial? It's like I was so desperate and stubborn over pursuing my natural path that I literally went into complete denial that I was OBVIOUSLY breaking out because I had quit BP! DUHHHH! But instead of being able to see this, I fed into my eating-disorder tendencies and became more and more obsessed with food. Reading the entries from that point on is just depressing. My acne got worse and worse and slowly took over my mind. There are more and more entries about it as the year went on. And you know what else? I also wrote about every terrible fight I had with my boyfriend (this was the time period he was the worst messed up emotionally and awful to live with). Within 1-5 days after every entry that contained a fight, there was an entry with me crying over how my skin had gotten worse. CLEARLY the stress, right? But could I see that then? Nope. I just kept blaming food and cutting out foods. I kept going deeper into my own prison, refusing to see the simple truth that I had stopped using a medication that was controlling my acne, and that (plus the worsening stress) was why I was breaking out.


I had always known that my acne got bad again at some point after stopping BP but I had no idea it was literally TWO DAYS later. That is just insane to me, how I wasn't able to make that connection at the time. I guess I had just assumed that I was mostly healed through diet (not giving enough credit to the BP) and that's why it didn't seem like such a sudden thing to me. Now I know that for me, it seems to take a proper diet, low stress AND BP for me to remain okay.


I'm not starting BP again just yet, but I suspect I will be on the regimen again within a month. I won't expect perfection, but it clearly enabled me to have a normal life where I wasn't depressed and upset over my skin all the time. At this point, that is what I want for myself, even if the BP ages my skin somewhat. Horrible stress, depression and acne scars age the skin worse.


I just wanted to share that with you guys because a lot of you have been following my story and this is a pretty big breakthrough. Hindsight really is 20-20 and reading back on my journal showed me that my eating disorder was really a part of my life for a lot longer than I realized.


I just want to get myself on the right path again.