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I'm 35 and have had acne since my early twenties.
I have tried lots of different things,some worked,others did not.
But mostly they just quit working after a while.

The last two years I have been the clearest I've ever been in my life being on 100mg of spironolactone.
No oil,no blackheads,no cysts or monthly period break outs.
It was truly a miracle for me.

Now I have to come off of it though due to an extreme amount of weight gain I experienced.
I also just found out I'm hypothyroid,so that has a lot to do with the weight too.

I'm worried about breaking out again,but I take vitamin D everyday,along with washing morning and night
with 10% BP,and applying 5% BP foam (morning),and a salicylic acid lotion (nite).
Being off the Spiro a few months and using these things has seemed to help keep my acne from coming back too bad. I have gotten a few small pimples that have healed in a few days,but nothing to cry about.

I have researched acne like crazy in the years I've had it,trying anything under the sun to help.

The few things I have found to be helpful are:

-Washing my face when I feel it getting too oily,but not more then 3 times a day.

-Blotting with oil absorbing sheets

-Taking a vitamin D supplement up to 1000iu a day
(this is super important if you don't go outside much because our main source is from the sun,and lacking vitamin D can make acne worse!!)

-Using a variety of acne products-
because acne is formed in steps.Which means one acne product on it's own is probably not enough.
If you attack each step then you almost completely eliminate acne's ability to form.You need something for bacteria,something for exfoliation,something for oil,and something for inflammation.

-Do not pick at acne,but if a pimple has a ripe whitehead on it,it can gently be expelled.
I use a blackhead extractor and not my fingers,and then apply alcohol right after.

-Drying your face out is not the answer.Dry skin can cause flaking which clogs pores.
When using acne meds,also use a light lotion to keep the skin smooth too.

-Getting hormonal issues under control.Which means getting a full physical and not just seeing a dermatologist.
Many vitamin deficiencies can cause acne,and other illnesses or diseases can too.

-Make sure you fully investigate any new medication you are prescribed.
Things you would not expect to cause acne,definitely can,and often list acne as a side effect.
Nearly all antidepressants!

-If your acne is out of control,don't try to manage it on your own.See a doctor,and a dermatologist.
If they don't take you seriously,find new ones! I went to 3 dermatologists before finding the one I love who
really listened to me and helped me.

-Although there are exceptions,acne does get at least a little better as you get older.
You may not be clear,but you can look forward to it being less severe.
There are still adults who get a break out here and there,but most chalk that up to being more rare
instead of all the time.

-try milk thistle.I have not tried this,but my boyfriend is currently on this alone and his face has been
consistantly clear.He has also struggled with acne since his teens and is in his early thirties.

-Acne is not who you are!
Everyone is dealing with things they don't like about themselves:being overweight,going bald,
being too short/tall,flat chested,big nose,whatever...
Your acne does not define you.You are still beautiful inside and out.
I have never looked at someone and thought gross just because they had acne.
And most people will not think that of you either.
People who are overly shallow and point things out like that are not worth your time.

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