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Cleared Up In 2 Weeks

01 May 2012 - 08:29 PM

I recently got a bad breakout 2 weeks before an event where I was going to be in front of a lot of people so I got really desperate and tried the following diet that cleared me up fairly quickly.

First I dropped dairy and gluten (bread etc.) and sugary stuff

My diet consisted of ONLY the following. (and i know it may not be healthy but it cleared me up fast and I was desperate)

-Vegetables (although I didn't have that many in my fridge
-Water (in the morning with metamucil fiber)

In terms of supplements I started taking the following
-Zinc 30 (MG)
-Water with Metamucil Fiber in the morning
-OCCASIONALLY Omega 3 Pills (like every other day)
-OCCASIONALLY B-12 Pills (probably even less than the Omega Pills

ALSO all of this coincided with me running out of facewash.. so I was just washing my face with water in the shower.... NO SOAP for this whole thing

So after like a week I went to see a dermatologist (it just so happen that there was a local discount on amazon so I bought an appointment)

The derm told me it was good that I was starting zinc but she also told me to avoid IODIDE! (Which i had never heard of before)

So after this visit and a facial I stopped putting salt in my eggs and chicken and .... u have no idea how difficult this is... when all you've been eating is chicken and eggs...

anyways so after like 2 weeks of this horrible diet...(it really is horrible and depressing) ((I LOST 13lbs!!!) my face cleared up! No more acne!!! Yes, the scars were still healing but there was nothing new... things were subsiding.

So my event came and I thought... "as soon as this event is over.. i'ma get some subway"

The day after in the morning i got a footlong Oven Roasted Chicken with Sweet Onion Sauce and Honey Oat Bread...then after that I went to Carl's Jr. and got a Teriyaki Burger... The next day i also got Subway again (hey buy one get one free before 9am? hell yeahh) THen i bought TWO Teriyaki Burgers and ate those. (The reason I was eating like this was cause I realized I had lost so much weight that I looked very unhealthy..so I was trying to put it back)

Sure enough new acne started to form....

SO more recently I bought PROBIOTICS and I want to buy Chlorella (haven't 'had time)...  Right now I stopped eating out again... going back to my chicken, veggies, almond and eggs diet... Let's see if i can heal myself again. (Although my mom has a box of Honey Bunches of Oats that I cannot stop eating!!) ((NO milk)) but still... i can't help myself!

PS I almost forgot. I also started looking at the sky more often.. (or being outside) under shade of course...but still looking at the sky. Read something about how the day light going through our eyes tells our bodies to produce something that is good... (i don't know the technicalities) but I now keep the window in my room open so I could see outside and so natural light will come in.

oh and my mom had this cream that I started using at the same time too for my moisturizer (says it has collagen for those that can't speak spanish) http://www.amazon.co...35926257&sr=1-4