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#3329304 Interesting Article On Causes Of Celiac Disease. [ Might Be Possible Implicat...

Posted by Riddled on 25 February 2013 - 11:43 AM

Interesting article on the causes of celiac disease:





I believe there might be possible implications to acne through the discussed Gut health - probiotics - autoimmune connection?



Acne is essentially an autoimmune disorder isn't? 


Would be interesting to know the rates of acne amongst the Finnish and Russian populations they looked at.



Does anybody know of any research done on acne and intestinal bacteria? 

#3215964 Adult Male Acne. Increase In Testosterone The Culprit? I'd Like To Hear Y...

Posted by Riddled on 14 February 2012 - 03:37 PM

You are in a similar situation to me. I had little if any acne as a teenager and growing up. When i was younger and i used to drink, smoke, do drugs, go out partying, clubing, little sleep etc my skin was fine. Then as i got into my twenties and i cleaned my lifestyle up my skin started to get worse and it seems i developed "Adult Acne".

I think lifting weights is also part of my problem, you already run, but when i do regular cardio my skin improves. i think cardio regulates/lowers testosterone/hormones but if you are doing it already that's that out of the window. Maybe experiment with your workouts and maybe try making them last longer and/or try ending with some cardio to maybe "burn"/regulate the hormones.

Most strength trainers like workouts to be shorter to "spike" hormones etc and they don't like cardio. As you no doubt already know. I think fat is used to make hormones and t, i can't remember exactly how but monosaturated and saturated are supposed to be involved. This might be why i and some others too get results from keeping saturated fat intake low. Maybe you have to sacrifice your T levels and hence strength slightly for your skin. It's a bitch i know but when i can be arsed and i get ripped it's can often be ruined by fucking spots. I guess it depends on why you train and what is more important.

You could try keeping your saturated fat intake low if you haven't already although i have just noticed you mentioned lean meats, maybe you are eating them from another source..

Hormones are only part of the puzzle though so rather than trying to focus on that piece could try and work out and deal with the other piece/pieces. This is easy done than said though and there is so many things it could be just have to try and experiment with what you can. Ie look into any food intolerances, experiment with diet etc. This is the million dollar question though and as i know can drive you mental pissing around with everything.

Without ll that messing around could try Taurine i guess as i see it mentioned quite a lot. Other things to try, if you haven't already, that often get brought up on these boards, are things like milk thistle, fibre, probiotics.

I have tried just about everything and nothing makes any difference for me except keeping saturated fat low, keeping fructose low and doing as much cardio as possible. We're all different though and plenty of people have had success with lots of different things. i am trying Taurine myself now.

If you are just doing weights for aesthetics then eventually, if all else fails, maybe you will have to try and change your training to go for a more ripped and lean look rather than a built look.

I don't know what is worse being a skinny gimp with nice clear skin or being stacked with acne.