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In Topic: Why masturbation causes acne?

23 January 2014 - 09:35 PM

This shit doesn't go away lol.


I know this is why i am having to squint to see the screen, but you say this is why i am riddled? Come on.


You do realize it is very self defeating?


Essentially, the main benefit to clear skin is more "action", if the only way to have clear skin means no release, which i take it means no rumpy pumpy either, then what is the point in having clear skin?


In theory this could actually help reduce acne by helping to reduce the spread of the nasty genes that cause it.


On a more serious note:


Is it the "release" itself or the "source" ?


Does sex have the same affect?


It wouldn't surprise me if it was actually the source of cranking that was the problem rather than the cranking itself. Ie PORN. That shit wont just mess with your face it will mess with your soul!


On a more positive note. The lady's love that tantric shit.

In Topic: A Zinc-less Zinc Regimen for Adults: Draft 4

23 January 2014 - 09:22 PM

Interesting. Seems like that Matt Stone guy sold out, which is a shame, i enjoyed that site, was a nice balance to some of the paleoextremism that seems to have taken over.


I need to look through this later.


Also a shame this guy stopped posting. I guess his regime works. This was some of the only stuff on this site that actually seemed to be going somewhere.


Gut health / digestion - gut-brain axis etc is the future people. 


Malabsorption is where it's at baby. 

In Topic: Is Accutane Worth It For My Acne.

23 January 2014 - 09:15 PM

Very difficult question man.I am not sure there is even a right answer. But as the person above me has just said, i would be very careful with the whole mental thing. 


It could make things better, it could make things worse. I am not sure there is anyway to know so it could be a gamble either way.


Basically do the possible benefits outway the risks?


Are you getting pot odds?


I regret not trying to get accutane years ago when i first started breaking out [and regret is a terrible thing] and yet i have a history of digestive disease and cancer in my family so it may well of just ended up killing me anyway. A few years with nice perfect skin but at the cost of my life. Or maybe everything would of gone perfect like i wanted it to.


I have just realized you have probably decided by now anyway. Good luck either way.

In Topic: Breakouts After Cabbage And Spinach

23 January 2014 - 08:17 PM

I also think saturated fat may be one of the only things i have correlated as breaking me out. But it is very hard to go low saturated fat for me after i became phobic of pufas, after avoiding pufas for so long with no benefit maybe it is time for the realization that i am, in fact, a pufaphobe.


I have some serious negative association when i see histamine intolerance and sulfur mentioned. I spent a while looking into all that histamine stuff but it was a nightmare, some stuff has histamine but other stuff can induce a reaction etc etc. Minefield of hell. I think i have some kind of intolerance to sulfites but i am not sure about sulfur, also i am not sure that the sulfites actually do anything to my acne. Also there is so much stuff out there about sulfur actually being good for you and acne.


I am not really sure about spinach, all i can think of is oxalates and it isn't good for gout but i can't think how it could relate to acne.




The onions and cabbage could be the fructans in them? Which then affects your gut bacteria - immune system etc?


I know fructans like onions, cabbage especially and fiber in general turns me into a gas machine and affects my gut - bowel movements [poo] but i have never been able to correlate this with my skin or anything else. I think i have some kind of malabsorption going on with fructose and fructans and fiber but i don't know how significant it is - to anything. Something to consider maybe. - fructose malabsorption - gut connection etc.

In Topic: Not Eating, Skin Improves

23 January 2014 - 07:55 PM

Personally when i am ill my acne worsens, but then many also report improving of acne whilst they are ill. Seems to be people either side.


There are various possible reasons for this:


Acne involves inflammation and the immune system, being ill might effect the immune system to be less or more involved with the process in your skin that causes acne [ in very simple terms].


As others have said, acne involves hormones, not eating will "lower" the hormones involved. [not really helpful or a long term solution though - but intermittent fasting does seem to work for some].


By not eating you may be avoiding the "allergen/trigger" for your acne [in simple terms].


Being ill changes your normal state of mind etc - less stress maybe.


More sleep.


Who knows.