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In Topic: Why masturbation causes acne?

23 January 2014 - 09:35 PM

This shit doesn't go away lol.


I know this is why i am having to squint to see the screen, but you say this is why i am riddled? Come on.


You do realize it is very self defeating?


Essentially, the main benefit to clear skin is more "action", if the only way to have clear skin means no release, which i take it means no rumpy pumpy either, then what is the point in having clear skin?


In theory this could actually help reduce acne by helping to reduce the spread of the nasty genes that cause it.


On a more serious note:


Is it the "release" itself or the "source" ?


Does sex have the same affect?


It wouldn't surprise me if it was actually the source of cranking that was the problem rather than the cranking itself. Ie PORN. That shit wont just mess with your face it will mess with your soul!


On a more positive note. The lady's love that tantric shit.

In Topic: A Zinc-less Zinc Regimen for Adults: Draft 4

23 January 2014 - 09:22 PM

Interesting. Seems like that Matt Stone guy sold out, which is a shame, i enjoyed that site, was a nice balance to some of the paleoextremism that seems to have taken over.


I need to look through this later.


Also a shame this guy stopped posting. I guess his regime works. This was some of the only stuff on this site that actually seemed to be going somewhere.


Gut health / digestion - gut-brain axis etc is the future people. 


Malabsorption is where it's at baby. 

In Topic: Is Accutane Worth It For My Acne.

23 January 2014 - 09:15 PM

Very difficult question man.I am not sure there is even a right answer. But as the person above me has just said, i would be very careful with the whole mental thing. 


It could make things better, it could make things worse. I am not sure there is anyway to know so it could be a gamble either way.


Basically do the possible benefits outway the risks?


Are you getting pot odds?


I regret not trying to get accutane years ago when i first started breaking out [and regret is a terrible thing] and yet i have a history of digestive disease and cancer in my family so it may well of just ended up killing me anyway. A few years with nice perfect skin but at the cost of my life. Or maybe everything would of gone perfect like i wanted it to.


I have just realized you have probably decided by now anyway. Good luck either way.

In Topic: Frustration

23 January 2014 - 09:04 PM

I feel your pain brother. Let it out man. Let it out.


I wish i had something to add or the magic answer, but i have been pissing around with this bs for too long myself. 

I have tried just about everything there is going and it all does nothing. Maybe the last thing i have left is pissing on myself, or maybe even drinking it. I have strong willpower but even i will not stoop that low. Stinking of vinegar is one thing........


There is nothing like sticking to one mad cap diet after another, taking all kinds of stick, for what comes down to nothing.


Remember to not let acne take control of you, you must control the beast, or it will control you!

In Topic: 43 Y/o Male Needs Your Help!

23 January 2014 - 08:49 PM

I have tried every diet thing going, apart from saturated fat maybe being a trigger i haven't really noticed any other correlation. I realize for some people it is simply a case of avoiding this or that, gluten or dairy etc, but maybe there are some of us where the "mental/psychological" factor is more significant than many consider?


How many of us acne on here are "emotional" [emo pussies lol] ?


I know personally i am a very anxious/easily stressed person [inside anyway], i may come across as very laid back but often my head is running inside. Also i have a very bad temper, although i don't think a bit of a temper tantrum now and then is significant. It is more long term state of mind.


I know my skin is better when i get to sleep earlier and i have a good long sleep, although getting this regularly, like avoiding stress, is easier said than done obviously. Also my skin is better when i am outside more - doesn't really mean anything either. 


Sorry to go even more emo on you but maybe some us of don't have enough happiness etc to balance out the stress - "balance" in general. I am not as old as some of you yet but my acne seems to get worse the older i get, rather than the other way around and also my general state of mind seems to get worse really - taking less pleasure from life etc, more stress - i am not talking depression either. When i was younger i ate all kind of crap, took all kinds of crap, did all kinds of crap and my skin was fine. Now i eat generally what is considered "healthy" and live what is generally considered a "healthy" lifestyle, but my skin is crap. But is my mind "healthy" lol? Enough emo ramblings sorry.


Something to consider could be the whole gut connection - which is also linked to our state of mind though lol. As in, you are taking probiotics, which actually seem to break me out for some reason, also fiber can be a good thing but also a bad thing depending on how things are down there. Seems our guts play a large role in regulating our immune systems etc which is all connected to acne. There is a possible link between malabsorption of nutrients feeding the "wrong" bacteria or just too much bacteria and then this affecting our immune systems etc. Most likely just more bs though.