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best cure for chest and back acne

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this worked for me so i have no doubt it will work for other people to. Ok so i have had back acne quite bad for ages and over the last few months have had some appear on my chest as well. About 3 weeks ago i decided to start using the sunbeds twice a week mainly just to cover the couple of scars i have on my face from previous acne, i have always been more concerned with my face than my body acne because you cant see the body acne when you have a top on and go out but your face is always on show. so anyway after going on the sunbeds six times for 5 minutes and doing a bit of sunbathing (only a couple of times, i live in england and its only been sunny enough to sit out about 5 times this year lol) it has all gone, i was really suprised because it cleared up really quickly and nothing i have tried before had worked. I would really reccomend anyone with body acne to try this out

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