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Ways to reduce sebum?

vitamin k oily skin

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Posted 27 December 2009 - 02:32 AM

QUOTE (cprlfred @ Dec 26 2009, 09:07 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>

I know i'm responding to an old post. you have said that you were washing your face with shampoo when you shower. Is this a specialized shampoo such as nizoral? is this on purpose or just because it gets on to your face as you are washing your hair?

I've never used Nizoral Shampoo. I only use whatever cheap shampoos I happen to find on sale, or whichever ones my sisters leave behind when they come to visit me.

I use shampoo on my face simply because it tends to run down and get all over my face, anyway, so why not just go ahead and use it for face-washing? smile.gif

QUOTE (cprlfred @ Dec 26 2009, 09:07 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
If it is on purpose (rather, you are doing it to help with your skin) what product are you using and is it part of your actual regimen?

I ask because I am very curious, although very cautious, of trying out nizoral or something similar.

No, it's just because I have enough of the suds left over after doing the regular shampooing, so I figure I might as well put it to good use by washing my face with it.

QUOTE (cprlfred @ Dec 26 2009, 09:07 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Also, do you now or did you ever suffer from oily skin?

Ummm....I'm not sure how to answer that question. I definitely don't have oily skin _now_ at my advanced age. I had very SERIOUS acne when I was a teenager, but I finally grew out of it when I hit my 20's. However, I'm not entirely sure just how oily my skin was, even when I was a teenager. I'm sure I complained about it at the time, but I don't really know how bad it was, compared to others of my same age.

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Posted 07 June 2011 - 05:01 PM

i have oily skin tooo and i'm on 200 000 IU of vitamin a and i take 4 g of B5 a day....i have comedonal acne but i dunno if it's working i'm worried it's just getting worse