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Pityrosporum Folliculitis ?

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Posted 05 December 2014 - 10:30 AM

Hey guys,


Just wanted to share my story with you guys and hopefully be able to offer some helpful advice. I've been dealing with chronic Folliculitis on my face and scalp for close to 5 years now. I've been to several different dermatologists over this time period and they've all provided a different diagnosis but similar oral and topical anti-biotic treatments. I've spent countless hours reading through posts from other users with similar experiences and am convinced that I am suffering from Folliculitis, which was one of the diagnosis I received from one of the dermatologists I visited. As is the case with many of you who have had similar experiences, during treatment the Folliculitis has completely gone away only to come back worse than before after finishing treatment. Most recently I was on Doxycycline for about 4 months, tapering off during the last month and a half as advised by my dermatologist, hoping to kill the infection for good. That was not the end result, unfortunately, and now my Folliculitis is back on my scalp and face (chin and jawline) worse than ever before


I refuse to visit another dermatologist and be prescribed more oral anti-biotics which will only make my condition worse over time, so I am seeking alternative treatments. I read that many people have had success washing their face and scalp with Hibiclens (an antiseptic skin cleanser whose active ingredient is 4% chlorhexidine gluconate) and started washing with it yesterday. Already I am seeing some enouraging signs that this thing might actually work since my bumps feel less inflammated and red in color. I'm going to continue washing my face and scalp every morning after I wake up and evening before going to bed until I hopefully get rid of all the bumps.


I also ordered a Mandelic Acid wash from Amazon which I also hear works to help treat folliculitis. I am not sure yet exactly how I am going to work this into my regimen, but I was thinking of perhaps alternating between the Hibiclens and the Mandelic Acid wash. Also to be clear, prior to using the Hibiclens I am using an exfoliant on my face to unclog any pores and my normal shampoo on my scalp to wash my hair. I will be sure to provide you guys with an update on my progress over the next couple of days and weeks.


To summarize, here's my current progress:


-On day 2 of using Hibiclens twice a day to wash my face and scalp (using exfoliant on face and tea-tree oil shampoo prior to application) and so far it seems to be keeping the Folliculitis under control and possibly reducing the inflammation of my bumps, with minor dryness/irritation (at least for now).

-Scalp still very itchy, but some improvement from prior to washing with Hibiclens. I wouldn't say that the Hibiclens has been effective in treating the itch if that is what you're looking for. For that, I have found Selsun Blue (w Aloe Vera) the most effective.


I hope I can find an effective treatment once and for all that does involve becoming a slave to a damaging anti-biotic. Good luck guys!

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Posted 09 December 2014 - 05:47 PM

Just diagnosed with this condition on scalp and face. I have been prescribed low dose accutane (20mg per week) and have been told this will get rid of it for good by reducing the oil production of my skin. It may take 6 months or it may take 6 years but low dose will eliminate it. Any one any experience with this treatment?

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Posted 21 February 2015 - 04:30 AM

Hi everyone, I opened an account just to reply to this topic cause I'm at my wit's end! 

Can't quite believe how many people seem to be suffering with this. I am now one of them I think! 


Quick story - it all started late Dec 2014, started getting a few weird spots on forehead (between eyes) at Xmas. Thought I was probably having a breakout, so used normal acne products. About 2 weeks passed got into new year and everything started to get worse. The bumps started to spread up my forehead and by late Jan my forehead was bumpy, red, itchy and raw with all these little, what looked like clogged pores and blackheads. 

I'm a picker (unfortunately) so yeah I did start to scratch the clogs out. What came out was liked hardened sebum - some of the clogs were so deep! Anyway, I've now realised picking them out doesn't much help and I've probably scarred my face quite a bit. 

From January onwards I was still using my normal skin care routine all over face (cleansing oil method, plus jojoba oil for moisturiser) then I got desperate and bought some salicylic acid spot treatment which I thought was helping but didn't clear it up. Bought freederm which weirdly stung the area. Then I bought tea tree oil but because my face is quite sensitive, I mixed it with jojoba/hemp oil and lathered it on affected area. 

When that didn't work I thought maybe it need extra moisture so started adding a really thick oil balm to forehead at night. That was a mistake. It started getting worse and spreading. That's when I started searching on internet and discovered PF.

I can't think what else it could be! 

Start of February I bought Nizoral shampoo over the counter. Started using it morning and night (leaving on for as long as possible) and at first it seemed to be helping. I got excited! But now after nearly four weeks, it's stopped getting better. In fact it seems that while some bits clear, the bumps spread to other sections of my forehead. Most of them are under the skin (if you catch the light right, there's probably about 100 tiny flesh coloured bumps), some look like blackheads, and others pustules. It's so confusing. 


Other things I've tried are baking soda and lemon juice. Lemon juice seemed to calm redness but it irritates the skin a bit! 

I read lots of people talking about candida and so looked up symptoms and I think I had mild oral thrush and didn't even realise it till now! I had a very thick white coating on my tongue. So I decided to get some fluconazole (difflucan) - I've taken one tablet (150mg) and the coating on my tongue pretty much went away within 24 hours. But I'm wary of self-medicating and taking more of this. I've even now tried putting clotrimazole cream on it (thrush cream) on my forehead.

I don't want to go to my doctor cause here in the UK you're only now allowed to see your registered doctor, and mine is a TERRIBLE doctor. I know he'll just want to give me antibiotics. 

Does anyone have any advice of what to try next?


I've ordered some ketoconazole cream and some more fluconazole, and I've even purchased some retin-a which I don't know whether is worth trying on my forehead (I want to use it on my face because I have normal acne there). 

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