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Man I feel like an old douche. Just turned 34. Had my breakout at 16 into my 20's. Finally had control in my mid twenties but then had to deal with acne scars. I've wasted so many years betrothed to my acne scars that I've ruined every relationship imaginable.

But I put all that anger and energy into martial arts, yoga, meditation, and running so I am a mofo beast!!!

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I'll be 60 next month, when I was younger in my teens I never had acne,I hit my early 20s and started to get cystic acne. I tried otc topicals, progressed to antibiotics, nothing seemed too work.Finally I was put on accurate for about 9 months, because I had to take a lower dosage due to elevated liver enzymes.It took awhile for it to work, but when it kicked in, it worked like a charm for me.My face stayed clear for yrs, but as time progressed, I would get the stray pimple here and there, but never the big cystic bumps.Well into my 30s the cystic bumps started appearing again off and on but not enough to really mess  up my skin . As time went on I started to get more bumps, so I went to derm, they put me on antibiotics , then differin, and clindamycin lotion, didn't work.So they put me on retain a micro, then my skin actually started clearing up,and stayed that way for  many many years.So here I am almost 60,and now my face is starting to break out in big red bumps again. I feel like here we go again, it's so embarrassing to have these red spots on my face at 60. I sometimes get depressed,and won't go out till they heal up, but when they do, another pops out. I thought acne was supposed too go away when u get older.I feel for those of you who've had acne since your teenage yrs. At one time or another I've felt the same things you have, I hate to say it, but it doesn't get any easier as u get older. The only difference really is,that instead of teenagers staring at your face, it's now adults.Ive missed so many things in life, because I hid in my home,while suffering from acne. Please don't let it rule your life, or ruin it.If ppl can't see past your face or skin, too the real you, than there not worth your time. I wish I could just hug, each and everyone of u, and give u the self confidence, to look beyond your physical appearance, to see yourself as more than just and acne filled face.The one thing I've learned from having acne, it's taught too be more compassionate, and less critical of ppls outward appearence.When I see ppl who have a face full of acne, my heart aches for them,knowing how they must feel.I guess I've droned on enough for now.Please love yourself , be good too yourself,and may God bless each and everyone of you.

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