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The new spot I found yesterday is still there, but it feels a little smaller and there's barely even any redness to it. Not really noticeable and I think it'll be gone by tomorrow which is good news.

The spot in between my eyebrows had a small head on it this morning and I managed to get the gunk out without too much trouble. Hasn't reformed a head either, so that's a good sign. Still red, but not as painful as it was this morning, so hopefully it's dying.

That moves us onto the spot next to my nose. It formed another layer of dry skin yesterday which I peeled off just now and no pus underneath. Little bit of blood though, so it's probably going to form another dry skin layer over it. It's definitely getting smaller each time a layer is peeled off, so should be flat soon.

All sounds good, but, and there's almost always a but, I found another little swelling along my left cheek yesterday. Could see a tiny head at the centre of it, but left it alone. Well, the swelling got a bit bigger today, so I decided to have a go at squeezing it. Now, I had two tiny little bits of pus come out of seperate points on it and some blood. It now looks redder than ever and feels really swollen. The swelling will probably go down, but it looks ugly. Like a layer of skin has been ripped off my face.

Not great overall then, but, I don't know, the slow death of the first three spots mentioned in this post give me some hope. If I hadn't had that thing on my right cheek come up then I would be feeling a LOT better.

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On 05/11/2015, 13:01:02, GLHF said:

WoW log of years :o

Doesn't seem that long ago I started the blog, but in about 6 weeks time it will be 10 years of my blog! Absolutely crazy! I was early 20s then, now early 30s and life was a lot simpler!

Anyway, back to my current skin issues. Thankfully, everything from the last blog post has gone down!

The spot to the bottom right of my nose has stopped getting any pus or any bloody scabs on it, but it still feels like a chunk of dry skin. It's nowhere near as noticeable though. Just need to ride it out for a bit longer.

In between my eyebrows is looking good too. A red mark, but it's completely flat and fading more and more each day. And the same can be said for the spot I had on my left cheekbone - it's barely visible now.

The only new thing I've had come up is a tiny red bump sort of in between the bottom of my right eye and the top of my nose. It's small, pain free and not that noticeable, so I suspect it will die pretty quickly!

Feeling so much better in the last couple of days and my confidence has risen as a result.

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Last week was all good... until yesterday!


Woke up and found a little spot on my nose which was an irritating start to the day. The lesion wasn't too big and the pain was minimal, but there's quite a bit of redness around it. A day later and maybe there's slightly less pain, but it's still as red. Looks like there might be a blocked pore at the centre of it, but I can't be sure and I'm not going to squeeze at it as that will only end in tears and a nasty scab. I can't see it lasting forever, but it's a bit of an eyesore all the same.


Anyway, I could just about deal with that, but then later on in the evening I looked in the mirror and saw a patch of red on my left cheek. It was exactly where the last spot I had there was. It's not severely red, but it's raised and there's a bit of pain deep inside it. After a night's sleep it's not really changed much. It's not as big as the last one I had there, but I get the feeling it's going to get a painful head on it at some point.


So, the confidence gains I made last week have been erased. Let's see what the next few days bring.

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