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Diet does work!

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Thought i would let you all know, how important diet is, i know people say it is a myth and is not connected to spots, i believe it is.

I have tried loads of things, spending far too much money opn make up and cleansers and moisturisersm all of which aggittated my skin or made it worse.

I have also been to the doctor who gave me potent drugs i did not wish to take.

I thought being 19 i should no longer have spots, so i decided to look at alternative therepies and went to see a keinsiologist who is basically a dietician and allergist. She tested me with various food to see which i was allergic to, or my body did not respond to well. It turned out i am no longer allowed to eat chocolate, potatoes, soya and sob drink vodka or babcardi (how will imanage being a student).

However this diet has meant that in a mionth my skin is a million times better than it have been since i was about 13.

It seems to be that basically if you cut out what your body is overlloaded with and let the toxins leave your body your skin will clear. Also if you are a girl your skn is probably connected to painful periods, this will also be cured (or at least it was in my case). Therefore if you seem to be eating lots of chocolate or even something healthy like bread, which contains yeast which is bad for you, try cutting it out and see what happens.

It is really worth it and you will find that rice cakes are not that bad!

Also having clear skin will make you feel so much more confident, you will no longer feel you have to hide your face.

Anyway thought it was important to share this piece of information with other people.

Consider it!




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Yea I think your all wrong with your diet crap here. Now I have good reason to believe this. I used to be big into bodybuilding and I was on a very strict diet. I ate no candy, no breads, and only whole foods. At that time my skin was horrible. Now my diet consists of breads, candy, lots of coffee, and all kinds of other "bad" things. My skin now is completely clear. So maybe for you acne is related to diet, but for me and the rest of the human populataion it is related to bacteria on the skin. More specifically it is related to P. Acnes that finds its way into your skin where it can multiply and cause problems. Can you tell me how the candy bar I ate yesterday helped to allow P. Acnes into my skin??

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How about we stop arguin about this stone-age topic? :D

For SOME people, it's a problem, for SOME luckier people, it aint. OK? :D

An to Timbo, i agree with Dans theory, i think same as him that high calorie things may cause a slight elevation in hormones, an maybe cause a zit or 2, plus allergies to certain ingredients means some people will ALWAYS have prob with certain things. Maybe if u ate about 5 candy bars all at once it might affect u, maybe not, depends on the person wouldn't u say? 8)

I jus recently found im allergic to citric stuff, so if i eat an orange or drink some lemon juice, my skin dries out, goes itchy an breaks out a bit. :D


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Really, I just think that it comes down to hormones......those who are lucky enough not to have the acne gene (if your mother had it, I think you'll be especially hit hard since acne is already in your father's genes, IMO), can eat fried balls of lard and not suffer, while those more unfortunate blokes like myself can watch their diet very closely, exercise, drink the right amount of water, get 8 hours of sleep, pray 3 times a day to Jesus, wash my face dilligently and apply my medication with a smile on my face, and still break-out. Even when I'm 22. It's just what I'm born with, and if I eat greasy foods, then yes, I'll be more susceptible, but the hormones fluctuate: one week, nary a problem, the next week, I'll have this disgusting growth underneath my eye which I can only explain as "I was bit by an angry mosquito. Numerous times."

Please, the answer is not in diet. It's good to eat healthy, and it could, maybe should help in the long-term, but if I'm allergic to potatoes or milk, how am I supposed to find a diet that doesn't include these staples of my life?

It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.

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BarBQ Lover- the answer is out there, just keep trying new things. For me a bad diet causes me to break out. I had moderate acne until I was about 21 and I tried everything and figured I would have acne for a long time. I even thought Proactiv was a waste until I started implementing the Refining sulphur mask about 3 times a week, and I have to tell you that was MY cure. I still get it a little here and there but not much. You probably have something out there that will help you just keep looking. And for the guy that was into bodybuilding, if you really get into bodybuilding hardcore (as I have) , there is alot of supplements that will break you out (ZMA, Andro, anabolic steroids, etc. etc. etc.) by causing your testosterone to rapidly increase. BTW, if you've noticed most big time bodybuilders don't have alot of facial acne, although they should have tons of it with all the growth hormones and steroids that they pump into their bodies. I always wondered how that was possible until a read a very interesting book called "Muscle: The Confessions of an unlikely Bodybuilder" by Samuel Fussell. page 136 half-way down. He explained how some bodybuilders keep themselves clear, it's very interesting and it works for me, very simple, ridiculously cheap but I would not recommend it to anyone because I'm not sure if it's very safe for the stomach lining, it will clear the skin though.

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a friend of mine had really bad acne, and he went to an allergist and was put on a strict diet. a few weeks later, he has extremely clear skin.

so i decided to do the same thing for my headaches. i went and i was told that i was allergic to wheat - not yeast, wheat. which meant that i could only have an extremely narrow diet. where i live, if you want a good enough choice of wheat-free options, you've got to drive at least 30 minutes. it's very expensive and i hated the extremely dry wheatfree bread i was told to eat instead. i didn't see any significant improvement in my headaches or my skin, but then again i only stuck to the diet for 6 weeks and i cheated a little- i found out about rye bread, which was quite nice (the nicest alternative at least) but it had 10% wheat in it. i could only get that while i was in germany, so when i went back to ireland i was stuck on the dry bread again. i made a sandwich for school, and i could barely swallow it!

so that was the end of my so-called 'wheat free' diet.

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You mentioned painful periods, was this something that you experienced? It was something that I experienced as well as bad acne. When I started taking Avandia, an Insulin Sensitizing drug, for my acne, it helped more for my acne than it did for my cramps, but I did noticed a slight improvement.

So when I changed my diet to a Gluten Free Diet (wheat, barely, rye) 2 years ago, I was completely shocked that my acne not only improved dramatically, but that my menstrual cramps dissappeared. Wow, for me that is well worth all the dietary changes. I've also noted that sugar and dairy will aggrevate my cramps some as well as give me very specific types of acne.

Anyway, thought I would post that sometimes it is due to wheat allergies, wheat intolerances, yeast from the gluten, or due to a high insulin response from eating wheat and other foods. If you have a high insulin response, then you may also overproduce androgen hormones which are responsible for acne producition.

Like Fatman said, higher calorie diets will also do this, but we have to remember that usually a higher calorie diet consists of foods that are on the "bad" list anyway. So which is really the cause? Regardless, I'm glad you have found yours =)

Best wishes

p.s. Regards to why reducing insulin would alleviate menstrual cramps, well it boosts PGE2 which is the inflammatory prostaglandins.

These are not steps, but stages some people progress through when going from conventional to holistic medicine. Stage 2 is how I became 99%+ Clear, eliminated my dysmennorhea, significantly reduced my sebum & pore size, etc & is my predominant method.

Stage 1 (Treatment):

* (Daily) Isocare Skin Control Cleanser, Dream Products Customized Natural Face Lotion & Coppertone Sport Spray Sunscreen (mixed)

* (Sporadically) spot treat w/ anti-inflammatory (neosporin, hydrocortisone, salicylic acid) or a skin lightener (post-inflammatory pigmentation) to treat stubborn cystic/nodular acne that appears due to unknowingly or knowingly ingesting a food/ingredient that breaks me out (I do my best to avoid these foods). If you cover treated area w/ a bandaid, it makes product more effective.

Stage 2 (Prevention): "cheapest" method ~ Since Aug. 2002

* Follow a Gluten-Free, Trans-Fat Free, Dairy-Free and No Added Sugar diet for my Insulin Resistance/Hyperandrogenism (Silent Chronic Inflammatory Syndrome)

* Avoid ALL types of nuts and the Genus Prunus (almonds, plums, peaches, nectarines, apricots, cherries), Bananas, Pineapples, Cottonseed oil, Artificial Sweetners.

Stage 3 (Correction):

* Strengthen/Repair GI - Immune health


* Developing functional foods for those with acne & other special needs (assuming there's a defficiency).

* Developing good & "safe" formulas for various hormonal issues for women. Correction stage may resolve this for some.

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