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Can caffeine have an impact on your skin?

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Posted 13 March 2005 - 02:37 PM

BBB & Denise,
That's exactly what I've been wondering about is how we were all raised. Its obvious that we all had different dietary lifestyles and different levels of physical activity which is probably why it took different measures for us to get over our acne or other health problems.

I knew how physically active you were BBB but it's good to hear how VERY different your dietary lifestyle was as well. You believe so strongly that exercise & physical activitity is all we need, but I've come across studies that say that sometimes it has no affect on improving insulin resistance, and when I was active (not as much as you) and also exercised, I still had plenty of acne! That's when I started to wonder what else is going on with your lifestyle and you just shared with us that you never really had the SAD diet to begin with. You always lived with a healthier & hormone free diet for the most part and you said you never ate McDonalds before and now that you can it's only maybe 1x a month.

OK, well I grew up on McDonalds every so often and when I was in parochial school, we had Tues & Thurs for our Pizza, Taco, or Burger fast food days, and then when I hit Middle School and had "free will," but no education about diets, I would choose to eat junk food (non-100% fruit juice, 100% fruit juice, chips, crackers, granola bars, snack mix, candy bars, pizza, hamburgers) almost all the time for lunch. Of course it doesn't help that the lunch food didn't taste so hot, but it would have still been a healthier option. When I hit highschool, at least 3x a week we went out to the local fast food places and if not, the same "diet" as above applied and sometimes I would actually have those large pretzels or huge (not so great tasting) cinnamon buns for breakfast at school. I can't even tell you about the status of my dinners, sometimes homecooked, other times Tv Dinners or Canned or Boxed Foods, other times resturant or fast food. Breakfast consisted of either refined or sem-refined grains (meaning it had the added sugars, HFCS, or maybe added white flour) for my cereals, waffles, muffins, granola bars, etc. When I hit college it was more of the same actually because then everyone was almost "too busy" for homecooked meals, except that I did switch to eating what I thought was "whole wheat" bread, only drinking organic milk, organic yogurt, and only dranking 100% fruit juice. Keep in mind that for 10 years I had also been avoiding Sodas & Chocolate Candy. Yet, I didn't eat fruits no where near as often as I do now and I didn't eat vegetables nor where near as often and I didin't like most "salads" because they weren't the good kind of salad as they were predominantly iceberg lettuce.

Of course I'm also a woman and a minority so this may explain why I'm more insulin resistant than you are, if you are. I know you mentioned that Type II Diabetes runs in your family, but based on your lifestyle, it makes sense that you would naturally grow out of acne, where as myself and others didn't. Prevention is FAR better and easier a cure than it is to ever treat something once it gets rolling or is in full blast. This is why you see us avoiding more than just the refined foods and taking so much stronger or "drastic" measures. Of course the studies are severely lacking in this area but what I found, if you ignore those 2 studies I found, was that Medication works, but Diet works better, and Diet & Exercise work even better. Yet exercise alone isn't as effective as a diet is, but I don't know how much more effective it is over medication for Insulin Resistance at least.

Like Denise mentioned, the liver flush allowed that little girl, herself and a variety of others on this board to overcome allergies, intolerances and sensitivities to foods so that they can eat more in their diet. Myself I've only done 2 flushes in 2 years so obviosuly I'm not reaping those benefits as I avoid more foods than others on here do and especially those that do the flushes. That's why I was wondering if perhaps your liver aiding supplements may have also helped you but you don't really know ;-) I know that I've bumped into members that said the liver supplments helped them and allowed them to eat at least small amounts of certain foods or "junk" foods and not have their skin instantly or horrribly react. It's something I'm definately keeping in the back of my mind, but any experimentation I do, it's usually done in the summer when there's no one around to actually see or care about skin ;-) Plus, in the summer is when my skin naturally looks better so if I react badly it won't be as bad as it could've been.

Both of you take care
These are not steps, but stages some people progress through when going from conventional to holistic medicine. Stage 2 is how I became 99%+ Clear, eliminated my dysmennorhea, significantly reduced my sebum & pore size, etc & is my predominant method.

Stage 1 (Treatment):
* (Daily) Isocare Skin Control Cleanser, Dream Products Customized Natural Face Lotion & Coppertone Sport Spray Sunscreen (mixed)
* (Sporadically) spot treat w/ anti-inflammatory (neosporin, hydrocortisone, salicylic acid) or a skin lightener (post-inflammatory pigmentation) to treat stubborn cystic/nodular acne that appears due to unknowingly or knowingly ingesting a food/ingredient that breaks me out (I do my best to avoid these foods). If you cover treated area w/ a bandaid, it makes product more effective.

Stage 2 (Prevention): "cheapest" method ~ Since Aug. 2002
* Follow a Gluten-Free, Trans-Fat Free, Dairy-Free and No Added Sugar diet for my Insulin Resistance/Hyperandrogenism (Silent Chronic Inflammatory Syndrome)
* Avoid ALL types of nuts and the Genus Prunus (almonds, plums, peaches, nectarines, apricots, cherries), Bananas, Pineapples, Cottonseed oil, Artificial Sweetners.

Stage 3 (Correction):
* 1/18/08 Ultimate Colon Cleanse (30 day program)

* Developing functional foods for those with acne & other special needs (assuming there's a defficiency).
* Developing good & "safe" formulas for various hormonal issues for women. Correction stage may resolve this for some.

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Posted 13 March 2005 - 03:12 PM

Ah thanks both, it clears up some confusion I had. Just for the record I never said diet wasn't important, I said eat healthy all your life and everything in moderation and you won't have to take the measures you and Denise have later in life. Most of the people here are young enough to change their ways so as to not cause problems later in life, but they can still afford more liberties food wise than you two because of their age.

Diabetes runs in my dads side(The type that's non hereditary I think). Anyway it's because of poor diet and lifestyle chioces. My moms family are really healthy people and my parents raised us healthy(Eventhough my father led a not so healthy life earlier). As a family we are all fairly skinny, people think we have good genes but I think it's our lifestyle.

For drugs(High blood pressure, cholesterol, etc...), unfortunately I think that they work really well so many people neglect diet and exercise, even when their doctors tell them to change. They just cruise along on the benefits of the drug. I totally agree with you though that diet+exercise is the best option. I'll make a bold statement but I bet 90% of you that follow really restrictive diets don't get nearly enough exercise you should. 30min a day/5 times per week of any activity that makes you sweat is a lot, but remember that is the minimum. Just because you are supposed to eat a minimum of 3 servings of veggies a day doesn't mean that it will give you the best results. You have to eat a lot more veggies for that, and the same goes for exercise.

As a side note doctors cured someone with Type 1 diabetes by injecting pancreatic cells of somethign into his abdomen(Or injecting some cells into his pancreas, I forget). Maybe they can cure type 2 and end IR eventually. eusa_dance.gif

On another side note they opened up a diabetes bakery and diabetes depot grocery store by me. That's great but it still doesn't address prevention. Low carbing to me isn't the answer, it's taking in smart carbs and combining it with other foods that prevent constantly high blood sugar or constant spikes.

Denise: I still can't wrap my head around how so many stones can be in the liver and gallbladder and not have very serious and immediate consequences but if flushing works to cure things like allergies, no matter how, that's great. As long as it's helping you my opinion doesn't really matter right? Why though is olive oil necessary? Why not just pure canola oil or some other pure oil?

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Posted 13 March 2005 - 05:30 PM

BBB....I use safflower oil when I flush. Last time, I used toasted pumpkin seed oil. Although I must say; the health benefits of olive oil ARE well documented.

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Posted 14 March 2005 - 08:07 PM

What I will say is that while whole dairy breaks me out in cysts (whey & casien in larger cysts), the dark chocolate bar only gave me sugar pimples. So the question is just how much does caffiene raise your IGF-1 & Insulin levels (see above study) and how sensitive you personally are to it. This may be a case of moderation for you and of course you can always get coffee decaffinated if it's really just for the (acquired) taste. ;-)

Thanks sweet jade. So coffee decaffinated coffee won't break you out? I think I did notice some relation to coffee and me breaking out. But I'm not entirely sure because I cut out other things at the same time.