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Large Clogged Pores and Acne

oily skin

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Posted 26 February 2005 - 01:03 AM

My genes suck. My mother has the biggest pores in the world, so not only is my nose dotted with white bumps of clogged pores, but so is my chest and upper back. Once I started getting bacne and my hormones and naturally oily skin (again inherited from my mother), I developed a chronic picking problem and my skin has grown to disasterous levels.

But I'm curious to know if my large pores are even acne at all, or just clogged pores. See, if I pop these 'slightly darker than my skin' pores, they release a very small, hard dot/speck of some whitish-opaque substance. It resembles a large grain of salt. The larger pores sometimes expell an elongated form of this, which has a much whiter tip on it (the tip that was on the top of the pore). Is this really acne? When I pop it it tends to scar and turn into acne, but was it ever a form to begin with, or just clogged pores and bad genes?

Also, can anyone suggest good, cheap, and readily available (preferrably offline) remedies for bacne/chest acne, etc? I can't even look at myself in the mirror knowing I've caused that many scars on my body without realizing it. To at least get rid of the breakouts and leave the scars would be a blessing, however, as I've become desperate. Any and all help is appreciated. I come here out of pure desperation to a solution, as none I've tried have worked. eusa_pray.gif

Again, thank you very much, everyone!

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Posted 26 February 2005 - 01:34 PM

That's clogged pores. My nose gets it a little every now and then, I just squeeze them out, it doens't cause scarring or anything because you're not damaging your skin.

Suggestions? Well, I toko B5 and my back/chest acne went buh-bye completely. Haven't had a pimple on them for a year about, and it used to be BAD. Whole back was covered, upper chest covered, now it's clear. I got very light red markings, but once I get my tan back you won't be able to see them so. I guess I'd say give B5 a try (if your skin is oily on your back/chest, if not, don't try it.) If it's not oily, stop using soap on your back/chest, you may be over-drying it.

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