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Please do NOT let them talk to U like you're crazy

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So I woke up right now because an agent from an insurance company I'm looking at was calling to give me a quote. He asked about any health problems so I mentioned that I have Insulin Resistance and immediatly he went in to this speal:

Does that man you are a Diabetic?

Are you overweight?

What's your blood sugar?

When I said no, no, it's "normal", he said "then what makes you think you are Insulin Resistant?

Me: Type II Diabetes runs on my father's side fo the famly

Agent: Well that doesn't mean that you will get it

Me: No it does not, but my endocrinologist dx me with IR, which is the precursor

Agent: Oh don't get me started on doctors, they'll say anything to get their paycheck

Me: But what he said, based on testing, worked for me

Agent: What do you mean?

Me: Well I have hyperandrogenism and nothing I was using worked until he finally dx me

Agent: What's that?

Me: It where I produce too much androgen hormones and it's a relatively lesser known effect of Insulin Resistance

Agent: I wouldn't worry about it. If you aren't showing signs of Insulin Resistance, dont' even mention it.

Me: But I am....hyperandrogenism

Agent: But you aren't overweight or a diabetic

Me: (sigh)

Uggh and I went through a similar thing with a Nutritionist at the college I just graduated from last year. She was like why are you following a gluten-free diet when you aren't a celiac and I told her becasue I'm insulin resistant and it's an easier way for me to manage it. She's like "but you aren't overweight nor a diabetic" and I said but that's because I just have the PRECURSOR to it (no I didn't yell that at her). Then she said, "oh you poor thing. these doctors are telling you all this stuff, no wonder you don't know what you have"..... eusa_wall.gif

So now I'm going through this crap just to get insurance and I really don't know how to go about doing it, so that it is in my favor (can't exclude things). I don't want medication. I just want office visits and lab so that I can monitor what I'm doing through diet, soon to be exercise, and any supplements I may want to experiment with.

If I say it wrong I may not get coverage according to another Agent I just got off the phone with. I know that my Hb1ac is normal, therefore I'm not a Diabetic, duh. I know that I took a GTT (glucose tolerance test) or IGT, but I don't have those results in some of my lab papers nor is it listed in my medical records (yes I have them), but the computers at my old hospital should have it. I know that whenever my former endocrinologist checked my (fasting) glucose level it was High-Normal (still in range) without Avandia (Insulin Sensitizer) and was Mid-Normal (still in range) on Avandia. When I was on Avandia & my new current diet my blood sugar was Mid-Normal and my LDL cholesterol was BELOW normal!!! I did take blood tests when I was just on my diet, but i never got around to picking up those results and they weren't in my medical records when I picked them up a few months back.

See I was dx as being either PCOS or IR. Basically because I don't fit the "traditional symptoms", I've narrowed it down to having a PCOS Variant, known as HAIR-AN Syndrome which is attributed to Insulin Resistance and the reason why I have Hyperandrogenism (HAIR-AN = Hyperandrogenism, Insulin Resistance, Acanthosis Nigricans). Yet they usually won't cover things like Acne or Hirsutism which is due to the Hyperandrogenism (for the first 6 mo, 12 mo or NEVER), which is why I'm trying to pull coverage under Insulin Resistance but....that could backfire in my face despite what I'm doing to control it through Diet, etc. doubt.gif

Anyway, indeed even "I" still go through crap with the doctors & specialists, but just don't let them get to you. Take them paperwork, journal articles, etc that shows them the connection betweein Insulin Resistance & Hyperandrogenism and why you think it's causing/contributing to your acne and stand your ground!

After all, when you read those studies, they will mention that there are unknowns about IR, that its more complicated than they initially thought, etc so obviously they do not know all there is to know about this and they should publicize that more often (yeah right) and hopefully that will prevent myself and some of you from going through this crap with doctors that are unknowledgable about other possible signs & symptoms of IR.

OK, I feel better now biggrin.gif

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If no one's diagnosed you with anything, than you're ok -- You don't have any pre-existing conditions that the insurance agent will care about. Don't bother mentioning things you suspect might be wrong with you, or might one day be wrong with you.

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I know, but I was diagnosed. Hirsutism, Acne are definately in the records. I was treated for Insulin Resistance by taking Avandia, so my taking the Avandia is in the records. What I have to check for is to see if there's any mention (and I believe there is) of me being defined as Hyperandrogenic, PCOS or IR. If not I'm in the clear, but otherwise I have to mention it or they won't consider covering it or me (my worst fear).

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