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Milk (caseïn)

calcium milk

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Posted 09 December 2004 - 02:30 PM

"Our results indicate that a short-term high milk, but not meat, intake increased insulin secretion and resistance"
"In the milk-group, fasting s-insulin concentrations doubled"
--> FASTING, so not after you've eaten, this makes me think that your insulin levels are high for a very long time

-> scientific source:

I'm not completely against milk. It's probably a good source of calcium (or so i've heard). But i just want to share information that could be important to some of us.

Ok, i'm convinced that milk is bad for insulin resistance. But they dont state the exact reason. I'm a bit concerned by this. In a lot of protein supplements they add casein ("milk protein"). Could this be bad too, or is it safe. Anyone have any more information about this.

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