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Severe Acne

New Here With A Few Questions (Backstory Included)

cystic acne cystic cysts inflammatory

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Posted 10 August 2014 - 08:27 AM

Background Story


I am FTM (female-to-male) transsexual having in the last six months started on HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy). I am 22 nearing on 23. During my "first puberty" at 12-13 I had mild acne. A few breakouts around my mouth/jaw. That cleaned up for the most part by the time I was 17-18 and I thought I had been done with it. Oh boy was I so so wrong. Being on Testoserone injections was probably the biggest "mistake" for my skin. I broke out bad. And it all happened within the last 2-3 months. First oily skin. Then mild pimples spread everywhere. Easily dealt with and covered. Then a cyst. Then 2. Then 5. Then my entire jawline was cystic acne and my back was swamped and I had an ugly line of pimples and cysts down the center of my chest.


It happened so quick I had literally no chance of stopping it. I didn't expect it and I screwed up something awful by not preemptively attacking my skin with the regime. I regret not doing so a lot tbh. Which brings me to this...


What I am doing right now:


I am currently on a prescription from my GP of 100mg of doxycycline per day. That's the amount she deemed safe on her part until I could afford to see a derma (booked for 2 Sept. waiting times argh!). Close to 3 weeks of this. It's done stuff. But not to my face. My back is clearing nicely. And it took away a stupid sebasceous cyst I had on my head for like...6 years lmao.


I cleanse my face day and night with salicylic acid wash. I used to incoperate BP 5% but found it was very harsh on my skin and stopped. Dropped down to 4% water-based one, still a little harsh but I use every 3rd morning.


I moisturise every morning and night with Cetaphil. Using SPF cetaphil in the day to avoid nasty burning sensations. (doxy ouch) 


For the nights of bad inflammation I take 2x ibuprofen with or before dinner. Jawline/throat cystic acne makes it hard to open my jaw sometimes and ive found this is the only thing that remotely helps.


On top of all this I take 2x multivitamins a day. For the extra Vit A boost and other stuff.


My issues and questions:


My cysts "leak" or bleed often. I try to drain them whenever they begin to leak badly but nothing ever much wants to come out and I don't want to force it because I refuse to injure myself more than necessary. Is there anything I can do help this? I try not to pick at them but occassionally find myself doing it. They leak on their own though usually. It's really gross...


And secondly; tea-tree oil? Yes/no? I purchased some (100%) the other day and applied with a q-tip on my chest "lightning bolt" type cyst and moisturised it too. Overnight it had gone down. 3 days later. It's nearly gone!! And it's healed my redness down there too. I might not even scar. I'm stoked tbh. Just absolutely floored. I'm trying to recreate this on my face/neck. I feel like its working but should I be diluting this? My neck is a lot more sensitive than my chest. I have short facial hair I try to keep cleanly cut but lol cystic acne + shaving = no.


Can I be doing anything else to help myself here? Should I stop doing certain things?? I am very new to this.




Okay sorry thank you for reading this if you made it this far. Whew. Hi everyone!

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Posted 10 August 2014 - 02:09 PM

Hi slytherin (good name rolleyes.gif )


I also suffer from cystic acne so thought we could discuss! I wish beyond anything that I had the answer to curing cysts but I am also still experimenting. I am pleased to hear TTO has helped you. I tried it and found it increased my cyst so stopped but maybe I stopped too soon?


I am also trying standardised saw palmetto to lower andgrogen (which are a type of hormone I think, though I have forgotten some of the reading I did). You can get it at a health food store as a supplement.


Have you considered accutane? I know this won't help til you see your derm anyway.


I am also trying apple cider vinegar which some people swear by. I am taking two tablespoons a day and also wiping a diluted version on my skin, in addition to the regimen. 


Sorry I can't be of more help. I totally feel how painful and soul destroying this is and must be doubly hard while you are adjusting to such massive changes in your life too! 

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Posted 14 August 2014 - 07:36 AM

sounds like u need accutane and u need to stop the hormonal therapy

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