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Healing Routine For Oily Skin: Sulfur Soap, Acv, Tumeric

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Hi! I posted this on a help wanted thread, and since I'm going through a TCM/vegan diet herbal purge, I'm finding myself with the opposite problem I had last week that I posted the Royal Jelly/Coconut Oil/Pearl Powder healing mask for dry, flaky, mature skin for.

Yes, I have oily, active blemishes in places I never get them; hairline, cheeks, jawbone and eyebrows - even a few on my back!

Luckily, I have years of experience addressing oiliness

1) 1-2x daily Sulfur Soap, any brand- antiseptic, healing, gently exfoliating

2) 1-2x weekly Tumeric/ACV Paste Mask- eases inflammation, lightens old red marks/antikerolytic, pH balancing -- see this board for user results

AM: ACV toner (1 part ACV, 2 parts distilled water, on a cotton ball)-

PM: Tumeric-water paste as overnight spot treatment-

3) Hyaluronic Acid or grapeseed oi)/water in a spritz bottle for moisture/protection, if/when needed. (ie. if the acne is both oily with dry layers of skin; if you live in a dry climate; if you are sun-sensitive from antibiotics, harsh medications, or having fair skin) Acne skin needs moisture from within and without more than normal skin does.

These are all affordable ingredients with proven effectiveness.

UPDATE: 2 days and three treatments of this later, ZERO active lesions, quickly healing

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