What Type Of Acne Scars Do I Have?

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I am currently looking into getting treatment for my acne scars. I am now 24, and had suffered from extreme acne since I was 10 until I was 19. While looking at various treatment options, I've noticed there are various types of acne scars. I will upload some photos of my lower face where the scarring has occured. It is quite worse on the right side of my face, and it is very embarrassing as I feel it makes me look older than I am (I see so many girls with no scars my age and it makes me cry inside!). If anyone could help me determine what type of scarring I have, it would be greatly appreciated! Also, if anyone could recommend which types of treatments I should be going for, that would be great too! I have a feeling I will need to go to an acne specialist for a more intense treatment, as creams never seem to make the problem any better.
Thanks in advance for your answers smile.png I look forward to reading them!

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