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Folliculitis? Adult Acne? Perioral Dermatitis? Help

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Hi everyone,
I've been suffering with this condition for over a year, I get red bumps only on the chin area right under the mouth on the mustache line. Sometimes they are pus-filled sometimes not, they appear at night and fade away after 2 days but then others appear, I tried leaving my beard grow but they still appear.
I visited three dermatologists and got three different answers ( adult acne, perioral dermatits, and foliculitis). I went on minocycline for three months and my skin was clear after that, but once I stopped the minocycline they appeared again. The derm wants to put me on Accutane but I refuse to take antibiotics again. I decided to do my own research and from the pictures I've been looking at my condition ressembles folliculitis. I only wash my face with Doctor Bronners soap and take Probiotics with oregano oil and grapefruit see extract. I've read people have had succes with applying Nizoral on the affected area, I'll give that a try and see if it works.
I have attached some photos does anyone know what it is? Anyone else experiencing this condition or have any info on it? Thanks

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