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Hi everyone!

My name is Laura and I've struggle with acne since I was 21.
I tried Every single think that u can think of for acne: antibiotics ,vitamins,roacutane twice(as I had to stop after few months because of the side effects) ,the most expensive laser in London on Harley street!,medical microdermabrasion, healthy eating, exercising ,yoga, apple coder vinegar and products :all of them!
I am tired, of spending money and tired of doing it everything right as I eat only vegetable fruits and rice. Is so hard to do this especially when u live with people that cooks proper food 😩.I also stoped eating gluten dairy !
I've done all my test: hormonal, stomach ,lungs.
The only thing they found out is that I have helicobacter pylori, and thyroid ( which is very close to normal: 4.7
I am currently taking antibiotics for my h.pylori ( amoxicillin, claritomicin ,omeprazol, probiotics ) and I've read in here that while this course some people clear their acne,but right after that it came back. Mine doesn't even stops!
Forgot to mention I'm from East Europe ,currently living in london.
My question is what is there left to try?? I will attach some pic just do u know how my acne is.
Maybe is someone out there that can help me![attachment=57160:image.jpg][attachment=57160:image.jpg][attachment=57160:image.jpg]

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You may try to use pure chimp super cleanser to have no acne.

It helped me much in fighting with this skin problem.

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Hi Laura,

I suddenly started getting spots around about when I turned 25. After having completely clear skin (and taking it for granted - ie. never washing my face, wearing make up to bed etc) it stung me pretty hard. I think the first step towards getting it cleared up was taking birth control. Although the blood tests said my hormones were 'normal' I decided I would go on them anyway as my hormones may have changed but it was impossible to tell from blood tests.

After being on Yasmin for 3 months, I then switched to Dianette for 3 months as I didn't feel the yasmin has helped. Dianette was excellent but it made my skin incredibly dry so I switched back to Yasmin as that seemed to control it to a degree.

I think the biggest factor that helped me was using the Clinique 3-step system. It's fantastic and my skin was pretty much flawless after using it for a couple of months. It is expensive but worth it. My only other tip is that it can be quite drying so I also use an emollient cream which keeps my skin supple.

I only wash my face once a day (using the Clinique stuff) - I was washing it 3-5 times a day which definitely did not help! And when I do get those nasty hormonal spots I use quinoderm 10% and that seems to clear it up after a few days.

I was trying products for a good 12 months before I found something that worked and at times I felt like just crawling into a hole and hoping no one ever found me but fingers crossed I've found a way to manage it now and you will too!

Hope this has helped. All the best and good luck.

K xxx

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