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hiya! new here, but I can't find any of my specific questions answered here, so here goes. 

I have very mild acne, lots of whiteheads and pustules, the occasional cyst, it doesn't ruin my appearance to other people, but makes me feel like absolute crud, so I've been obsessing over it for the last year.

when I was 15, I used roaccutane for a year, and that cleared the teenage cysts up, but over the last 10 months, they've come back, and I can't stop picking them. I used aknicare for a while, but after 6 months went back to my derm, and the face mapping showed it hadn't really done much, in fact I had some new spots in exactly the same place as the old ones? so she put me on retin a, which I've had great success with. I'm on my third week, and it seems that today is the first day the purging is over - so my questions are as follows: 

a) will the purging come back? is this just a lucky day? I've still got some very little whiteheads that I stupidly squeezed this morning - hoping for the best.... 

b) the derm has me still using the whole aknicare programme in the day - it's very drying, I find, and my skin feels really tight. should I just disregard this advice and use a mild soap? 

c) re: the dryness, should I use a really moisturising cream, or should I stick with the aknicare moisturiser? 

d) I've been using sudocrem on individual spots for the last year - will it help with this new dryness, or should I bin it? 


okey thanks guys! :D 


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