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What Type Of Scars Are These And What Can I Do About Them?

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Hi guys! Just signed up today. I have been battling acne for about 10 years now. I have only started scarring about a year ago. I hardly get any pimples at all any more (using cetaphil cleanser and moisturising cream - no acne treatments) but these scars are here and bothering me SO MUCH. Some of them are still red and its been over 6 months. However, I want to know what type of indentations these are and what I could do about them. Will they get shallower on their own over time? Some are only about a month old, others are up to a year (I think.. I've only started really noticing and being bothered by them in the last couple of months). 


What types of scars are these and what can I do to treat them please.. will I need surgery to correct these?? I believe the pigmentation will fade over time..? But what about the indentations? I literally don't want to leave the house any more and make up doesn't help since they are dented not just discoloured sad.png

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