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mild to moderate acne Can't Decide Which Type Of Laser Treatment To!

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Hey guys, I'm new to the forum and for quite a while now I've been looking into getting a laser resurfacing on my face.  I had acne breakout during my teenage years and now that I'm 25yrs old, I want to get rid of the acne scarrings that's been left from the breakout.  Being an asian ethnicity I pose  of complications of hyperpigmentation that's why I want to take my time on this matter and take the safest route as possible but also enough to see some actual results.
I've been researching about which laser to go for but I didn't know there were so many out there.  A new shop had open close to where I live ( I live in Vancouver, Canada) called Avante and they use Clearlift (formerly known as Pixel Q-switch).  I'm thinking that if I was to go here it would benefit me since it's close to where I live.  I've asked in about my acne scarring problem and a doctor suggested Fraxel Laser.  I heard it has a long recovery time but I'm not sure if it's successful or not.  Another doctor at the website suggest Infini, Microneedling.  One of the members here used it and commented that it worked for him.  Members in this forum have used Mixto Laser + Subcision and Total Fx (Deep Fx + Active Fx) and I've seen some awesome recoveries.  

Having to learn that all these different type of laser treatments are out there, I'm mind boggled on which to use with as little downtime as possible.  Hopefully you guys can give me an insight to which to get and maybe a doctor that you know is reliable that you can refer me to.  Also if there's anyone that's from BC or Toronto that's done or knows anyone that had successfully received acne scar treatments that can refer me to one,  that would be tremendously helpful.


If my face will look almost as normal after the recovery after 2-3 days,  I don't mind flying to places such as UK to get the treatment since I can just stay in a hotel but I need to be prepared with money and time.


Thanks alot for helping me out on this matter guys!


P.S  I've attached  photos of my scars (2 from each side) and one with my face that's using the light from the sun.



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